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Tuesday’s Thrifty Frugal Tips

March 30, 2010

This post is connected to Jamie’s I am a Money Magnet Thrifty Tip Tuesday series and Lori’s Couponomic Stimulas Package Tuesday Tips.

I’m going to tell you a secret – even if you do not own horses – a boarding barn could by your best friend for garden supplies. Here’s why:

Feed Sacks – most barns throw them away – see if they will save them for you – please if you do make arrangements to pick up feed sacks – keep your arrangement. You can use these used feed sacks for picking up leaves, grass clippings, trash, lining a pet crate, keep a couple in your car, and for compost!

Composted Manure – Unless they have an agreement for someone to haul it off – see if they will let you pick up some in your truck, 5-gallon buckets, or even used feed sacks.

Dryer lint – what to do with dryer lint – as long as it is cotton material this can be recycled for the birds to line their nests with as it will compost over time. Also, if you brush your dog out the fur you collect is prized by our feathered friends.

Old socks with no matches or holes? Use for dusting furniture.

Old newspapers – use to clean windows or recycle them to your local shelter for their crates – if you have a shredder then shred it for them.

Old medicine bottles lying around? Clean the label off and use them to store extra garden seeds for next year in them – just use a sharpie to write on the bottle or if you still have the packet attach the packet to the bottle if large enough.

Keep a roll of TP in your car for an emergency – I don’t know how many times it has saved us when on the road and stop at a rest-stop to find – NO TP!

Save your Tuna cans and small dog cans like Mighty Dog. Clean them really well and then spray paint them a favorite color and then you can attach them to your stall doors to hang your halters, leadropes or bridles.

Do you go to garage sales? Look for coat rack hangers – I found a whole box of brass ones that were really unique – got all 10 for $5.00! Bear is working to make me a nice coat rack w/shelf for the back door. We had some left-over boards that we are going to use to make this shelf -coat rack. He is finishing it and then he will attach the coat hangers to this board and we will hang it by the back door. We got this idea from watching our local PBS station and a tour of old historical houses. I love using something old to make something new! Pick up extra towels as bedding for your dogs or to use for drying your dogs.

One of the best frugal tips if you are eating out – DRINK WATER! It will save you so much money. And if you can get by on a kids meal order a kids meal. One restaurant that we love to eat at (good good fried chicken) let’s us order one meal and split it! We eat for just under $10.00 with tax and tip!

Save your change each night when you get home – pop it in a container – we call ours the Chicken account because we drop our change in a cookie jar shaped like a Chicken (rooster actually but I like Chicken account better than Rooster account). We’ve been able to either save for a short term goal or put in savings.

What tips can you share?


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