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Happenings at the Ranch Part 2……

April 19, 2010

Here is Miss Stella at one week – her perfect heart in the center of her head and her snip is in the shape of an arrowhead pointing down – I tried to get a better pic of it but she will absolutely not stand still for more than a second.

Momma Foxy – please do not look at her mane – I’m going to have to get some baby oil on it – she is obediently following the little stinker everywhere – she wears momma out!

Girls gotta scratch when she has an itch and this one has some pretty long legs!

Stella is little miss nosey!

Okay – she held still for two seconds – long enough for me to get this one!

She moved again~!

Guess what this is……it’s spring time……any takers?

It’s what happens when you put a person on the end of a shedding blade and a willing horse!

Bear loves pampering his boy JT – I swear that horse just loves him to pieces!

Okay, now we are just being goofy! JT is like “Whatever”!

Don’t ask, I have no clue what he is doing!

Can you believe he is already two? JT not Bear!

Luke is waiting his turn – I had already brushed on him but he thought Bear should also brush on him. It was hilarious because it looks like they were standing in line waiting their turn!

Precious Kit waiting her turn – actually she is waiting for me to give her the signal to come to the gate so she can slip out and have some grass!

Well, that is Part 2 of the happenings at the ranch – shedding out all of the horses – Bear worked on the boys to – that will be pictures in Part 3!

Oh, and the birds just love the hair that we removed!


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