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Happenings at the Ranch…….

April 25, 2010

We started the day off at Soulard Market, picking up new potatos, asparagus, green beans, green onions, red bell pepper, garlic, celery and of course CARROTS. I believe the horses know what day it is because they are all talking to me and Bear when we get out of the car.

Stella is getting so big, long legs, and runs like the wind! The new pony is soooo cute, he is a little paint colt. My friend Dianne is going to get him. Bear wants to call him Napoleon because he has the “little man” syndrome! I’ll have pics to post tomorrow.

When we got to the barn Margie told me about this little Farmers Market where you can sign up for e-mails and get a membership card. They will send you e-mails for free items where sometimes you have to buy something and get something free. In addition, when you use your card you get to choose a local charity and they will donate a portion of your receipt to the charity. I chose Back stoppers a local charity that helps families of fallen police officers.

The offer this week was to mention “Lettuce Rejoice” and purchase a container of cherry tomatos and get two heads of iceburg lettuce for free. I also bought a canteloupe – they had samples of their canteloupes and oh my goodness was it good. So sweet and juicy, I snuck a second one!

Well, on our way back to the barn we had to stop at this garage sale and lo’ and behold what do you think I saw? A TEA KETTLE!!! I’ve been looking for one but not wanting to spend $40.00 for one – guess how much I paid for this tea kettle? $2.00! Yep, $2.00! It does need to be cleaned up saving us $38.00!

In addition to the above Tea Kettle, I found 2 very nice oblong planters for my container garden seedlings for $2.00 each, Bear found three nice blankets for $1.00 for Maestro, and I found a cookie pan, two mini muffin pans, bread pan, and some little jello molds for $.50. I also found this really cool jell-0 mold from tupperware that has a removeable bottom with different designs for different holidays and paid $.25! It was a very nice day even though it rained like heck then stopped then opened back up with a huge downpour and tornado warnings!

Oh, forgot to mention Margie’s adventure last night. Seems this horse got loose and the police had it “cornered” in the Target parking lot. They called Margie at 3:30am, she went down and caught it for them and then had to go back to the barn to get her truck and trailer because the Police did not know what to do with it. She got him home and got back to bed at 5:30am for a little cat nap. We were calling him Target but luckily the owners came by to claim him. She was so tired but what an adventure!

JT has found a new playmate in the Donkey (stud muffin). He got over in the outdoor arena and JT thought he had a new toy! They would each chase each other back and forth and then stop and pick on each other then go back to chasing. I just love to hear Donkey, holler, his voice certainly does not match his size. I just hope JT does not pick up this holler of Donkey’s – you know his nickname is already MULEY because of his ears!

By the time we got back to the house, I was exhausted! I had to take a nap. So far it has been a good day but I’ve eaten very light all day and drank alot, and I mean alot, of water.

That has been our day today…I’ll post pictures of Stella and the rest of the family tomorrow.

Have a nice evening!


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch…….

  1. debbielynne on April 25, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    What a nice teapot!

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