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Happenings at the Ranch…..Part 1

April 18, 2010

Sorry for being MIA for the last two days but I’ve had to overcome my frugal coma after handing Uncle Sam $1000.00 ($1059 to be exact) and $365.00 to the State of MO – good thing is that IL state owes us $35.00 (How I don’t know). Just when I was getting our Emergency fund up to date and just reaching the top – BAM! was knocked back a few steps and had to shake the cobwebs out of my head but I’m back up and ready to fight now.

I’ve reviewed our withholdings and I’ll be darned if I’m giving anymore money to the government. SOOOOO, I’m changing my 401k withholdings to reduce my taxable income rather than just pay Uncle Sam more money – So Uncle Sam, if your readin’ this – How’s that gonna work for you? I’m not givin you more money I’m puttin’ it away for retirement and lowering my taxable income!

Stella (will have pics on Part 2) is growing like a weed and very active – she runs circles around her momma slams on the brakes, rolls back and off she goes the other direction. She is just so cute with her little head and long elegant neck. She has such a sweet personality and is so curious – I had my shirttail nibbled on today. She is already eating hay and nibbling on grain.
We are awaiting Chrissy’s baby which we thought would be before Foxy but man were we fooled!
I’m hoping it is real soon so we can get the nursery going! I love watchin’ the little ones play!

Worked Kit and Luke Friday and they both did very well considering we were being rained on while we worked. They both got the shedding blade while they ate along with JT.

Saturday we stopped early and picked up our normal 10lbs of carrots for the kids at the Farmers market – I love to go early when there is hardly anyone there. We got there a bit late and you get the site seers and the people who just meander and it gets to be a madhouse. I do not like being crowded or jostled so I did not have fun this time because it was very crowded. What we do for our loved ones.

Got to the barn and turned around and guess who was MIA with the bag of carrots? Yep, Bear. He grabbed them and was on a mission to get to Foxy’s stall first! After I rounded him up, we got all the guys fed, watered, and hayed and then the doling of the carrots started. Kit and Luke both try to out rumble each other – they sound like harley motorcycles. I taught Kit to talk to me when I ask her what she wants she will barely nicker – too cute!. This girl loves her carrots and so do our others. It took two months of trying to get Cody to eat a carrot and now he LOVES them! It just makes me feel good to watch them savor a crisp cold carrot – all horses should have this opportunity. It saddens me to think that they don’t.

My buddy Joseph was participating in the Tip a Cop for Special Olympics at the Fenton, MO Red Robin. We had to get hay so Bear went to get Hay and Margie and I headed in the opposite direction to help the Special Olympics by Tipping the Cop and eating lunch. Joseph was wearing his medal he won in the local Special Olympics that he competed in. He is very special to Bear and I and I had promised I would be there and there was no way I would let that little man down. First words out of his mouth after Hi Buddy and a hug was how is Pete? Joseph particpated in a Costume class at a local fun show on Pete – he was Woody and Pete was Buckshot Woody’s horse. So special.

I’ll have pictures of my seedlings this evening – they are growing like gangbusters – could it be our secret compost that we have or a green thumb or luck? Or could it be a little of all three?
Don’t know but I’m sure proud of my strawberries, blackberry bush, tomato plants, squash, peas, green beans, and corn. Peppers are takin’ their sweet time and I may have to start over with them not sure. I’m going to start a second group next week – don’t want all of them peaking at the same time.

I will post the 2nd part of Happenings at the Ranch later today after I get more pictures.

Hey, enjoy this beautiful weather – I know we are!


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