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April 11, 2010

When we made it to the barn this is what we were greeted with – a healthy nursing baby girl! She has a perfect heart on her forehead and mother and baby are doing great. Foxy is a little wary of too many people being around the newbie but we intend to change her “tude” just a bit. She is so cute and curious. She has such long legs and a cute little head. If you look at her and look at Dino’s pick when we first brought him home he was the same size as her and he was 5 mos old! God love him – and Foxy is just so attentive – she keeps smelling her and touching her. It was so cute when she nickered at Foxy and Foxy nickered back.

Sorry, the camera doesn’t do good in low light and the setting I have to use to get a pic. She kept moving!
Once she was done eating she was exhausted and ready to catch some Z’s
This is after our second time we caught her eating – she is a strong nurser and her mom has alot of milk so all is good. We are going to call her Stella for her barn name and Bear wants to call her “Be Stella My Heart” but we will have to see. She is, we believe, a sorrel but could be a chestnut we will have to see but all that matters is that her and Foxy are healthy! I will have more pics of her tomorrow as she will go into the In-door arena while we clean her stall. Now if Chrissy will just have her baby soon we will have a nursery and she will have someone to play with which is important. She was bouncing around the stall this afternoon and bucking, it was just too cute!


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