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Thrifty Frugal Tip Tuesday

April 13, 2010

Remember my post on how to keep your puppy/dog sweet smelling without giving them a bath all the time? Well, here is another tip – pick up a bottle of Nature’s Miracle and when you wash your dogs bedding put in the recommended amount – this will help to break down the enzymes from your puppy/dog and if they are soiling their bedding it will help to break that cycle. In addition, if it is a nice day – hang the bedding outside to dry in the sun as this will also help to kill bacteria and enzymes.

Here is a homemade frozen dog treat recipe that my dogs LOVE for summer – I call it Biscuitcicle:

Make some homemade chicken or beef broth, cool it and poor 1/2 into small reusable ziploc cups – you want it large enough that they can’t wolf it down or chomp it in two bites. Let it get a little tacky and then add a dog biscuit and finish by pouring the rest of the cup up with broth – you can make a half and half if you like – get creative! Pop them out and put them in a baggie when fully frozen and keep in your freezer. When it’s a hot day outside and your working in the yard and you take a break with some nice cold ice tea – pop one of these out of the freezer and give you your puppy/dog – they will lay down and lick and chew away and it will help them cool off too!

For our horses I freeze a five gallon bucket of water with apples and carrots in it and pop it out and let them go after it. They love this treat. I will also throw a couple of ice blocks in their stock tank – they love to play with the cubes and it helps cool the water down!

Did you know that at Famous Footwear you can stack a Rewards $$ off coupon with a % off coupon? This is the only place we shop for shoes – Bear loves shoe shopping and can spend hours in the store – Pair the stacking of two coupons with their Sales & Buy one get one Half off specials and go to town. This even applys to their clearance which is the first rack we hit!

Have you found a coupon that you really like and would help you stockpile but you don’t want to purchase multiple papers just for the one high-dollar coupon – Think Ebay! I just purchased for 10.00 (shipping included) for both auctions clipping service for 40 Mighty Dog Coupons ($3.00/5). You do not purchase the coupons you are paying for clipping services and time. Did you read about my deal at PetsMart on Sunday? The cans are .55 each with a Pets Perk Card – with my coupon 5 cans are FREE (overage if you add a filler which I will)! 40 x 5 = 200 cans of Mighty Dog for my crew – That is .05 per can! Now you ask me what do I do with 200 cans of dog food – I won’t have to buy canned for awhile – I can donate some to Stray Rescue, use it in some homemade treat recipes (more on that later), and feed it to my guys! I just love it when a plan comes together. Check it out – it works for me and Jamie also buys whole inserts off Ebay!

Well, that is my Thrifty Frugal Tip for Tuesday. This post is linked to Jamie’s post at I am a Money Magnet’s Thrifty Tip Tuesday – Go check it out – always good tips to use!


2 Responses to Thrifty Frugal Tip Tuesday

  1. Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet on April 13, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Love your Biscuitcicle reciepe! How fun! Definitly cheaper then the grocery store versions! Thanks for linking to Thrifty Tip Tuesday!

  2. Self Sagacity on April 13, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    sounds like you're real animal lover! how wonderful to be able to take care of such sweet things.

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