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Garlic for your Dogs

May 23, 2010

Georgette at Zephyr’s Garden sent me a link that I felt was worth posting regarding Garlic for your dogs.

I was inquiring with her about any suggestions she would have regarding my dogs ears and how the flys just love to torment their ears and I’ve tried numerous topical products with minimal success.

She suggested garlic. My question was granulated or fresh and she sent me the above link about garlic.

My concern with garlic is that it comes from the same family as the onion. Onions are toxic to dogs and my concern was that fresh garlic might be toxic as well. Based on the information in the article the dogs would have to consume large amounts of fresh garlic to become toxic internally to them.

It seems that the granulated garlic that I give my horses in the summer to make them less palatable to the fly and gnat works the same way in dogs. Fleas, ticks and flies do not like dogs that are fed garlic because it gets in the skin and they are “stinky” to these insects.

I’m going to be incorporating fresh garlic in my dogs diet to combat these relentless flies that insist on terrorizing my dogs ears.


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