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Happenings at the Ranch……

May 10, 2010

Today was a great day – had a $25.00 gift card to Texas Roadhouse so Bear and I enjoyed a great Mother’s Day outing for $7.83! We also went to the movie theater and saw Iron Man 2 – Loved it!

We spent the rest of the day at the barn playing with the horses!

Friday was trim day – poor Cody – for the safety of both Cody and our shoer, I elected to tranquilize Cody. He has come along way with James and I and is getting used to Tommy but he is not to the point that I would trust him not to kick. Even though he will pick up his feet for Bear and I, someone else is another story. Bless his heart – after Tommy was done and him and Bear went to get the rest of the boys, I stayed back to watch Cody and make sure he recovered. He was not tranquilized all the way to the ground but just made a bit groggy. Bless his heart, he saw me watching and stumbled over to where I was and just stood there and let me hold his head. He is the biggest “in your pocket” guy we have but when we first got him, I couldn’t even touch him. I just love the Cody Monster.

All other trims (except Foxy) went as planned. Seems Foxy has NEVER had her feet handled so we will wait and I will try and work with her and see if Tommy can do her in Six weeks when he comes back. If she is still this way we will tranquilize her to get her done, she has to havee her feet doneSaturday was heart wrenching and it bled over into today.

Chrissy, one of the mares in foal began to “wax up” on Friday evening so we knew the baby was due soon. She had a beautiful baby boy, cremello with blue eyes. He was not doing well, the umbilical cord was too long, dragged the ground and he was losing blood from it. Dianne tied it up but it just would not stop the blood dripping. He would not nurse (too weak from the blood loss). I had him suckling for all of two seconds but he would get so tired. We milked the mare and fed him the milk through a tube but he was just not getting any better. We were also worried about Chrissy as she had not passed the afterbirth. I gave her a shot of Oxytocin and within a couple of hours the afterbirth was passed, checked and confirmed that all was passed. As the little man was still not better took him up to the vet and had an IV put in him, gave him fluids and fixed the umbilical cord but Doc only gave him a 50/50 shot. We were encouraged when he stood up and looked like he would begin to suckle but he didn’t. He died over night. It was heart wrenching to watch Chrissy softly nicker and nudge her baby. She has not figured out that he is not going to get up. I talked to Chrissy and told her she was a good Momma and that she did not do anything wrong. She broke my heart how she stood over him and tried urging him to get up. Sometimes the Circle of Life can be awfully cruel.

Stella on the other hand, is such a doll baby! I went into the stall this evening, she was laying down and let me love all over her – LOVE IT! I love to watch her run and buck around her Mom and play hide-n-seek with the other baby who is such a cutie also!

We went to Millstadt on Saturday and picked up our feed order and then rushed back over to Q’doba’s parking lot to meet Cindy who was bringing me my Mother’s Day present that Bear, unbeknownst to Bear, purchased for me. I now am the proud owner of a Miche bag and I have Taylor and Belle. This bag is so cool! If you get tired of the bag, you just change the Shell! Each month they come out with new shells. I also got the conversion to take it from handles to one strap. My friend Sue, HI SUE!, has this purse and I’ve got to see several different shells that she has and I liked her purse.

Today was worming day for our horses (except Luke)! Luke is a butt-head, yes, I said it a butt-head when it comes to worming. I’ve been able to get him that last couple of times but this time the boy was on to me like you know what. So, I’m ordering this:

Just ordered more syringes and needles for our first aid kit, the above easy wormer (we shall see) and Kit’s BL Solution (gallon) and because I ordered the BL solution I got a Stall cleaning System Kit free! I get her a bottle every year and it lasts a good long time, especially while we ride. It is non-narcotic and has the same benefits of 1-2 grams of bute without the stomach upset.
That is what has been happening in our neck of the woods – what’s been happening with you?


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