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Happenings at the Ranch….Part one

May 17, 2010
I am having difficulties maintaining my glucose levels. I seem to be up, down and in-between but never fully stabilized. Man, this is hard work! And when stressed at work it makes it ten times worse because then I ache for my Coke (Soda, pop, Sody whatever you call it). It’s like this wave comes over me and I NEED that Coke so bad! I try not to think of it but it does no good. It doesn’t help that the “diet” soda’s taste horrible.

There is nothing like an ICE COLD COKE on a hot afternoon!

Okay, now that my confession is out of the way, I can tell you all about the happenings around the Ranch.

Friday, we went and picked up Bear’s ring and my turquoise cross pendant out of Laywaway. He has been patiently waiting this day, he really likes this ring and I do too! I’ll post pics soon – the batteries have finally went down and I’m charging them back.

After we picked up the two pieces of jewelry, we stopped at PetsMart. I had some coupons (Mighty Dog) – remember, those are the ones that I got online – that were expiring and I had received two mighty nice coupons from PetsMart for being a PetsPerk customer. What was a person to do but combine all of them into a nice little haul from PetsMart. If I only had a better coupon for the bag of dog food it would have been better. Here is what I got:

25 cans Mighty Dog
2 small bags of Beggin Stips
1 Huge bag of Beggin Strips
1 Huge bag of Purina Chicken Strips
4 boxes of Purina Healthy Essentials dog biscuits
6 Busy Bones
1 pkg of Busy Bones for small dogs (2 in a package)
6 cans of Alpo Dog Food
1 large bag of Purina Dog Chow

Total before coupons and discounts – $114.97

Total after coupons and discounts – $38.47

We saved $76.00 and now our kids are set for quite a long time in treats and canned dog food. But I wasn’t done yet. I still had more coupons to use on Saturday for a second trip.

Saturday dawned bright and early as Bear had to work some OT and had to be at work at 7:00 in the morning. I dropped him off and it was barely sprinkling but by the time I got back on the road to the barn – DOWNPOUR! I hate driving in the rain, it’s like everyone loses all sense of how to drive in rain and think that the pavement is still dry and drive like it. Talk about blood pressure rising! I made it to the barn and got everyone but our boys in the turnout fed. I was holding out for a dry spell if you could call it one.
Finally got the boys fed, poor guys thought we had forgotten them.

I still had 3.5 hours to burn waiting for Bear so I stopped at McDonalds – don’t have a coronary, I just got an Iced Tea and put a couple of plans together for CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Target and PetsMart.

First stop, Walgreens, that was a bust so I went to a second Walgreens around the corner which was also a bust. So I elected to hold onto my $2.00 register reward and roll it later.

Next stop CVS – Did not do to bad, especially when that red coupon spittin’ machine spit out a $4.50 Extra Care Bucks! I brought in my canvas bag and got my green bag tag swiped (3 more and I get a $1.00 ECB) and purchased the Hydro Shaver, 3 Nivea Body Washes, Pantene Shampoo, and a newspaper. The Nivea was buy $15.00 in Nivea products get $5.00 ECB, the Hydro Shaver gave me another $4.00 in ECB , and the Pantene Shampoo gave me $3.00 in ECB. I had $13.00 in coupons + 4.50 in ECBs and received back $12.00 back in ECB’s. SCORE!

Next Stop was Dollar General – did not have the deal I was looking for so I did not get anything from that store – they are in the same parking lot as CVS.

Next stop – PetsMart – I had 6 more $3.00/5 coupons to use plus a couple of other Mighty Dog coupons. In addition, I had another Alpo and Proplan BOGO coupons to use.
I purchased the following:
33 cans of Mighty Dog
3 Cans of Alpo
2 Cans of Pro Plan
Total before coupons and Discounts – $27.73

Total after coupons and Discounts – $4.78

We saved $22.95 by combining Sales, coupons and discounts. That is over an 80% savings! My Dogs are set for quite sometime – unless I can get it for Free or next to Free we will not be buying anything but Dry for awile.

My next stop – Target (same parking lot as PetsMart) – I had a coupon for $2.00 off Dentistix for Dogs and Target had a $1.00 off coupon I could stack with it – these work for Maestro’s back teeth to keep them healthy. They were .49 after both coupons. I also looked for a Hot oil treatment for my hair – it is a little dry from being colored. I could not find anything that resembled the hot oil treatments, however, I did see something very similar that had a TRY ME FREE hang tag – don’t you just love it when a plan comes together. So I picked it up and went to the check out – paid $5.94 + tax for it plus the bag of treats and will mail off my rebate to get $5.94 back.

Next Stop – Jiffy Lube – Sad to say, I had no coupons but did get a small discount because I was going to try Valvoline and they did not want to lose the sale since I did have a coupon for Valvoline – the comped it! Fortunately, I knew this expense was coming up and had budgeted for it last month – $147.00! UGH – but because of the fuel filter change and the oil change we are seeing better gas mileage in the car. Next expense will be the Truck and getting the oil and transmission filter changed in her.

Picked Bear back up at 11:00 and of course he is hungry. I had some coupons that we could use that made lunch under $5.00 for both of us. We then went to the book store for a bit before heading back to the barn.

Remember the worming bit I posted about earlier? Well, I will tell you how it worked in a later post.

Stella is getting to be “miss independent” and getting a personality. We are going to get her first halter on her soon – I had one on her but did not like how it looked so I took it off. We have another one to put on her. Friday, Olivia had a baby, Pie’s legacy lives on in this adorable little girl! She is so tiny and cute.

Well, that’s about all for now….I’ll post the Sunday edition later……exciting times at the barn let me tell ya! Stay Tuned for Part Two!


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