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Happenings at the Ranch – Worming Luke…..so easy

May 21, 2010
Remember my post here, I called Luke a Butt-Head because I couldn’t not convince him to take the wormer! How in the world can you convice a 16 hand 1200lb horse that he needs to let me stick a tube of yuk yuk worm medicine in his mouth. He was like a little kid – that mouth was clamped down tighter than Fort Knox and he was getting upset.
So, that night I went online and found this:

It is a worming bit that claimed it would take the hassle out of worming those hard to worm horses.

It had a money back guarantee so, I ordered it!
I wormed Luke last Sunday and it was just so easy. I put the bit in his mouth and let him wear it for about 10 minutes then I slowly slipped the wormer into the bit. I then took the plunger and very slowly (that is the key) began to push the wormer into his mouth.
I would have loved to have had a picture of the look on Luke’s face as the wormer began to push through the bit and into his mouth. It was extremely easy to get the big guy wormed. I just left the bit in his mouth for about 15 minutes and then I took it out and gave him a treat.
I did put it back on him the following day and made him wear it for about 10 minutes. I don’t want him to equate the bit with the wormer. I will be getting some applesauce and molasses to put in too so it seems like more of a treat and he will accept the bit.
So, if you have a hard to worm horse that like to throw his weight around and doesn’t want to be wormed – I highly recommend this bit.
I purchased ours from Valley Vet.


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