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NASH….I have it

May 21, 2010

I went to the Doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with NASH – Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. That is why I have been having the pain in my upper right side.

The good news is that I am on my way to better health – I’ve lost 27 lbs since February 12th, 2010!

In addition, they checked my glucose meter and my blood sugar average is trending down. My 30 day average was 170 but my average for the last week is 160. I am conquering the beast.

As I conquer the Diabetes and continue to lose more weight the liver will begin to respond. Right now the capsule around the Liver is inflammed due to the liver being enlarged but as I lose weight this should reduce the size of my liver.

I am scheduled to go see a liver specialist on June 2, 2010 and Dr. Walden says that he should be pleased with the results from just April 22nd(when I was hospitalized) to now.

Dr. Walden told me that he may put me on Vitamin E (that reminds me, I need to put a reminder in my planner to ask him about it). Vitamin E has been proven in a recent study to help with Liver Function. It was trialed against a medication and the medication failed to improve Liver Function but the Vitamin E did. I have also read that Green and White Tea’s will help with liver detoxification so I’m a walking tea tree!

I have to go back and have my bloodwork pulled mid-June and by then we should be able to see how my Thyroid levels are doing which also plays a major part in all of this as well.

I will keep you posted as to my progress and I intend to keep a positive upbeat attitude even though this scares the heck out of me. If left untreated, NASH can morph into Cirrhosis which is not good at all. I will not allow this to happen – it is a HUGE life change (challenge) for no only myself but Bear as well. I’m pulling up my boot straps and I’m gonna Cowgirl Up and get better!


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