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Cowgirl Camp Day 2-5 + the Showcase

June 28, 2010
Sorry for being MIA….Camp was alot harder than expected and took a toll on me. I was so tired at the end of each day, all I could think of was a shower and sleep!

Day 2 was hotter than Monday and turned out to be the hottest day of the week. We rode for a couple of hours and then took care of the horses and started learning the colors of the horses. We then went to McDonald’s to study Anatomy of the horse and the colors of horses.
Day Three – Wednseday was an overcast day with a breeze and we took big advantage of this day to ride, ride, ride. The girls practiced for the showcase for 3 hours.

Still have to work on this foot in the stirrup thing…….

On Wednesday, Margie went with us to Pizza Hut for our study time and today we started our craft project. The girls also played a 4×4 Word Boggle for horses.

Day 4 – Thursday – We rode for about 2-2.5 hours. The girls were practicing their drills and finalizing for the Showcase. It would be the last day to ride before the showcase. Once we took care of the horses the girls chose Pizza Hut once again for the Lunch and review of their paperwork. Margie also joined us and we finalized their craft project. They colored a horse the day before, I laminated them that night, and then they finished them by adding real tail hairs from the tails of the horses they chose from the barn. Ireland and Daniell chose Cookie, Alyssa chose Dreamer, Autumn chose Pete, and Rachel chose Kit. It will be a special reminder of their horsecamp and the horses. Once we were finished with our project I brought out what the girls called the “hardest” of all the paperwork – a cryptogram! It was fun to watch them work as a team and try and figure out the sentences. It was an excercise to help with teamwork and we accomplished my goal of all the girls working as a team.

Day 5 – Friday – Last day of camp and a side trip to the backside of the racetrack to watch the ponies train. The girls had a blast getting to see what happens on the backside of the track, learned what the outriders job is, and got to watch some beautiful horses train. We had an impromptu color quizz with all the colors of the horses.

Once we left the Track we went to eat at Jack-in-the-Box and then treated the girls to an ice cream cone from Dairy Haven in Caseyville. We then went back to the farm and I turned the girls loose on Cookie, Banks, and Dreamer to braid hair while Margie and I got the prizes ready for the Colors of the Horse round robin game (all the girls won 3 items each).

The girls and their horses with their special braided manes.

Day 6 – the Showcase – The girls and their horses performed wonderfully and we all had a good time. Best of all, the parents, grandparents, and friends were able to see what the girls had been practicing all week.


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