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Cowgirl HorseCamp….Day one

June 22, 2010

Today I was up at 5:00 AM printing off release forms, additional papers for the Cowgirls in training books. I watched my Granddaughter (very restless sleeper) roll from one end of the air bed to the other corner and then roll back to where she was when I first came down.

I was also watching the weather, hoping and praying that we would be dry and some cold front had moved through overnight and cooled it off. Nope, that did not happen – Heat Wave and that is putting it lightly. I am now thinking, what are you doing? Your too old for this – but if we don’t pass our knowledge down to our children then it will be lost for good.

So, I told Autumn we were burnin’ daylight (stole that from John Wayne) and got her up to get ready. Bear grumbled and stumbled out of bed to get ready.

Autumn posed with her new to her hat (had to stuff some paper in it to make it fit). Prettiest Cowgirl West of the Mississippi!

As we stepped out of the door, oh my, I knew it was going to be a scorcher. We dropped Bear off at work and went directly to the convenience store to pick up ice – I bought 30 lbs of ice and it was GONE by the end of the camp.

We got to the barn and did our chores, feeding, water, and haying the horses. The girls began to arrive with parents all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I was wondering how bright-eyed and bushy-tailed they would be at 2:00 when the camp was over.

Once we got everyone signed in and water bottles filled and scooted the goats off the deck (they had already started to eat my paperwork)! We picked out three of our camp horses to work with – Dreamer, Trigger and Pete and began the round pen and ground work. The girls learned how to work their horses in the round pen, how body position can help to either change the direction of your horse OR stop it. Once we had learned to work in the round pen we then moved to working our horses in the arena on the ground. The girls learned proper leading and stopping techniques and ways to correct pushy impatient behaviors with their horses.

Once the sun became unbearable we let the horses take a break and watered them and gave them some hay to snack on and then took a break. Miss Catherine – Alyssa’s mom – brought some wonderful watermelon which was a very nice cool break.

We then went over the parts of the saddle and all the girls were quizzed on the saddle parts and did very well. We then started to learn the different colors of horses. We have every flavor of color so this was great to go around and actually see the different colors. We learned the difference between a dun and buckskin, the difference in the colors of the bays. We were fortunate to have a cremello and a perlino at the farm.

We then broke for lunch at McDonalds to get out of the heat, eat lunch, and put our Cowgirl-in-Training books together. We studied the Anatomy of the horse, each of the girls was given a paper with the anatomy of the horse outlined to study. After giving them about 15 minutes to look them over, they were then quizzed on the parts and I was pleasantly surprised by how much they had learned in the short time they had to study. We then went back to the barn to work on grooming the horses.

Pete getting a pedi, mani, and massage by Danielle, Autumn, Ireland, Alyssa, and Rachel.
Banks having a shower and being scraped down. They then took him to eat some grass.
Checkin water for Miss Margie.
Autumn waterin’ Cookie the Mini.
Danielle explaining the difference between a Mini and a Pony to Ireland.

By the time we were done watering it was time to go…..I could see how tired these girls were and it was a good tired. They were troopers and took the heat in stride. We took plenty of breaks and stood in front of the fans. Tomorrow we will be in the saddle early in the morning to hopefully get all of our ridin’ in before it just gets too stinkin’ hot! Once all the girls were picked up, Autumn and I made a bee-line for the car (air conditioning) and drove to Rural King to get her a new pair of jeans. We then went on to Sonic and picked up a snack and drink and headed to pick Papa up at work. On the way to pick Papa up I looked back and this is what I saw:
We could barely wake her up to eat. Now, I want to know how a Kid that has been at Camp ALL Day and is crashed in the back seat of our car can go from zero to 60 in 2 seconds. We get home and this is what I see:


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