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Happenings at the Ranch…..Brother’s Visit and more.

June 19, 2010

Man, the last four weeks have been a whirlwind! We barely got home and then had to rush Nik to the Veterinarian. While we were visiting in OK we got a call on Sunday that she was not feeling well. The neighbors who were taking care of our guys called to let me know about Nik. We were worried sick until we got home on Monday evening. She was extremely sick and it happened in like 24 hours from what the neighbors said. She was fine on Saturday and then Sunday she was off and by Sunday night she was horrible.

We rushed her to the Doctor and he told me that it was what they call a Fly Strike. She was put on antibiotics and we shaved, bathed, and medicated her. It took two days before she was beginning to be herself! He told me that a Fly Strike only takes 12 – 24 hours to become as bad as what Nik was and usually the recovery is almost as quick. He said that she was probably in heat and was just prime for a “perfect Storm”.

She was doing better by Wednesday evening and was getting her appetite back.

On Friday, June 5, my brother arrived with his girlfriend Sharon and we met them for Dinner at Cracker Barrel. I then picked them up at about 7:00 am the next morning. I took them to Soulard – They loved the market and bought a few things, I picked up Carrots for the horses.
We then went out to the barn to visit the horses and pick up Bear. He had gone to pick up feed for the horses. Once we made the rounds at the barn we went to Eckert’s to Eat. I then dropped them off at their hotel so they could rest and would meet up with them later for his Birthday Dinner.

Dr. Lesch came out to give all of our Vaccinations. I just think he is so cool! He taught me how to give the shots in the chest instead of the neck. I had always given them in the neck in the triangle location but he said it is easier in the chest because the muscle is softer and you don’t have near the issues as you do in the neck. I had to do Cody because he just does not tolerate anyone but Bear and I handling him. We had coggins pulled on our four horses we will be showing – JT, Luke, Kit, and Pete. Cookie gave us the most trouble besides punk JT. She was bucking in place – but she is much easier to control than “PRECIOUS” JT.

Once we were done (it was so very hot and we had 10 horses to vaccinate and draw coggins on 4 in addition to their vaccinations. We went home, took care of our dogs and took a COLD shower. We then met my Gary and Sharon for Dinner. We ended up eating the buffet at the Luminier hotel/casino and losing 20.00 playing the slots but all in all it was a fun time. I enjoyed spending time with my brother – it has been a long time coming. The food at the buffet was unbelievable! Crab legs, peel-n-eat shrimp, oysters on the half shell, Filet Mignon, sauteed mushrooms in garlic herb, salad bar that was out of this world, and deserts (sugar free!). I had a small filet mignon, peel-n-eat shrimp, mushrooms, small salad and a part of a coconut cream pie that was sugar free!

Next day we met for breakfast, walked around the mall in Fairview heights and then dropped them off at their hotel to rest before the ball game. I went on out to the barn with Bear and did our chores and had to fix Margies computer (I’m her in barn IT person LOL). Got it working, rushed over and picked Gary and Sharon up and dropped them off at the stadium. I did not want them parking and walking or driving if your not used to it it can be a horror story. We then picked them up and drove them to their hotel and they left early Monday AM to get home. It sure was good to see him and I cried when we dropped them off and left.

On Saturday the 12th we went to a Gay Rodeo – yep, a Gay rodeo and that is a post all on it’s own with pictures! We did have a good time even if we had torrential rains through half of the rodeo!

This weekend our barrel races were cancelled due to all the rain – the pens are all muddy. We are gearing up for horsecamp this week coming up. It is going to be a scorcher! I have some crafts, lessons, and other activities planned to keep cool. We will ride early in the morning to avoid the heat. Our Granddaughter Autumn will be coming tomorrow to stay with us and attend the camp.

We are going to have alot of fun with her this weekend – she will be one tired lil’ Cowgirl at night! I believe her and Pete will get along just fine! I have her saddle all ready and we are going to get her a pair of boots on Sunday.

We always drop by the tack store East Meets West – they have really neat items and a wonderful consignment shop. I’ve found some very nice items used that are reasonably priced. Well, they have the cutest little mini saddle with blanket and it just so happens I have a little mini named Cookie in need of a saddle. It is a brand new saddle and blanket for $50.00! I put it in layaway and will pick it up next weekend! I put half down and will pay the other half next week. It will be so cute and I have a three year old that is coming out to “ride”. I donated 4 weeks worth of riding lessons to a children’s cancer silent auction and this little girl’s parents bought the lessons. I can’t wait to get it on her and check her out all decked out in her saddle! Oh, the pictures!

Well, that has been the happenings the last month and hopefully I will be able to update weekly again as things begin to settle down. I’ve lost 35lbs so far and am continuing my progress forward. It’s hard but it is now starting to pay off. Jeans I haven’t been able to fit in for over two years are fitting again and actually becoming loose as well. I’m getting closer to a belt that I want but I won’t get it until it will fit correctly – that is my new goal is to lose enough weight that I can purchase this belt and it fit with room to spare. When I first started the belt would not even fit and not I’m to the first hole on the belt but my goal is the second hole of the belt and I lack about 1/2 inch – not much more to go – I figure I’ll be there by next weekend!

Oh, I’m just so excited to have Autumn for a whole week! We will have so much fun and Bear can hardly wait!

I’m putting my Gay Rodeo pictures together in a post.


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch…..Brother’s Visit and more.

  1. Mom and Dad on June 19, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Love the article and that you guys had a good time together. Sounds as if you ate pretty high on the hog….

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