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Happenings at the Ranch……Memorial Weekend Part 1

June 8, 2010

Well, we survived two 6 hour drives and had a great time with our families.

We got in late Friday night and had a nice surprise awaiting us……..Tommy Thompson had allowed us to use his Motorcoach for the weekend!! Oh My, I was afraid to do anything it was so nice!

Saturday dawned bright and early. My brother, his girlfriend Sharon, my two nephews Grayson and Garrett and Sharon’s son Jaron came over to Dad’s for the day. We went to Tommy’s shop to look at his new boat and all of his cars. Stay tuned, more exciting news about Green Country Drag Boat! Can’t spill the beans right now, but I will definitely keep you informed.

We went to a fish fry that night at a nice little place called Choteau Bend. This is were they have the annual Drag Boat Races. This is also the fish fry where I sampled the Tropical Slaw and the Cornbread recipes. We had a good time.

Once we left the fish fry, James and I were bound and determined to get our Cherry, Pecans, and Cream ice cream from our favorite ice cream joint in the whole world – BRAUMS. We shared a double scoop and savoured every bite it was so good!

That was our Saturday in Oklahoma – stay tuned for Part 2 – Sunday!


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