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Happenings at the Ranch

July 11, 2010

We have a new horse – Elvis! We were able to work out a trade for him and Foxy now belongs to Margie and is home where she was born and will now stay. Neat thing is both Foxy, Cody, and Elvis are by Margie’s late stud Impressive Pisces. We like keepin’ it all in the family! Well we got him the first part of June but were unable to do anything with him except make sure he was utd on shots, worming and farrier. But this past weekend we were able to start working him and he is so sweet, honest and willing but knows NOTHING!

I will have a separate post with pictures.

I wasn’t sure if we would be riding him as quickly as we did – he had not been ridden in a year and went right into Race training and hated it – I don’t blame him. But once we got him settled in, saddled, and lunged, Bear decided to step up and he is so nice. He will be fun.

I got us entered into the Fair yesterday and all who know Bear, don’t fall out of your saddles but I talked him into two events. Yep, my Bear is ridin’ Pete in two events – don’t worry, I will have video because he said this will be the first AND last time he does it – he doesn’t like to compete he just likes to ride. I thought it would be fun. I’m up with Kit in 8 events. I’ve been bringing her on slowly and everything is moving into place. I’m getting excited. I’ve lost 40 lbs now so the saddle is fittin’ better and better everytime I ride. Kit is feeling good and Thank goodness for her Shoer Steve Mitchell – HE IS AWESOME.

I’ve been ridin’ Luke – like ridin’ a tank right now – just the opposite of Kit. She is hammer down all the time and I have to push him – the speed is there just have to get the motivation goin’ with him! I’m going to have him checked by Brandenburg Equine Therapy – Troy and see if he is out because he sure feels like he is. My Good friend Kristine came over yesterday (Thank goodness for her) and brought her bridle with a bit she wanted me to try. I am so glad she came over, she helped me work him and figure out a few things on him and by the end of the lesson – we had trotted COMPLETELY trotted a large circle and spiraled to a small without losing forward motion. WOO HOO – Kristine, Your AWESOME and thank you for the help! She can’t believe how big and LAZY he is and that I’m probably going to need my spurs with him – don’t worry, I have what are called bumps and this will be used to make him a little more responsive to my leg cues.
Kristine said I need to change his name to Lug or Tank – what do you think?

Today when I got to the barn, Kit had blood all over her face. I about had a coronary getting to her. It looked much worse than it is but I have a call in to the Vet to come check it just to make sure since it is her upper eyelid that is involved. I got her cleaned up and put a little Vaseline around the eye, wiped her entire face with some fly spray, and put a fly mask on her. One thing I do know – this injury has not affected her appetite, the girl LIVES for her food! We searched her entire stall to find what could have done this and then James found one drop of blood on her salt lick and found that the eye bolt had been bent back and pulled out – sometimes, I just don’t know about that girl! Been in the same stall for 4 years and then to do this. We pulled the eyebolt out (I’ll have pics on a separate post).

Well, that is what has been happening at the ranch this week. I’ll post another one later this week, I have some great news but am waiting for confirmation before I say anything!


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