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Happenings at the Ranch……..Drag Boat Races and horses

July 19, 2010

Wow, this weekend flew, and I mean flew, by for me.

Did the title get you? I grew up with racing blood coursing through my veins, if speed wasn’t coming from my 4 legged horses, it was definitely coming from the race boats my Dad raced. I love to hear a well-tuned engine thundering down the quarter mile OR just idling. The reason I am telling you this is because I’ve got a new “job”. I don’t think of it as a job though, it is just fun!

I am working Social Media for an up and coming Drag Boat Racing Team called Green Country Drag Boat, LLC located in Locust Grove, OK. We have two Pro-Modified Boats – A Fist Full of Dollars, and A Few Dollars More and one Top Alcohol Flat called SHAZAM. I am excited as can be to be doing their Social Media and hope to grow the fan base exponentially. That is why I am telling you about this venture. We are on Facebook here and would really appreciate it if you have any Racing Fans in your family that you pass this link to them and ask that they “like” us.

We will be sponsoring some nice prizes for Trivia contests weekly, and bigger prizes as we grow in our fan base. We travel across the country to bring racing fans the thrill of the Liquid Quarter Mile. If you have not seen a Drag Boat Race – go to You Tube and search Drag Boat Racing – that will show you what we do.

We will be starting to give back to our community very shortly with charitable donations and promotions. Please, if you know of race fans please help me get the word out about this awesome sports team. Remember, Green Country Drag Boat, LLC – great things are beginning to unfold!

On to our horses, they are mudpuppies, yep, mudpuppies. We barely got through riding this morning when the wind picked up and the skies opened up. Lasted about 30 minutes then it was over and got hotter than (as my friend Paige mentioned) the hinges of hell! We are in for a heat wave here through next weekend! UGH!

We went to the bookstore and I was going to really catch up on my blogging but NOOOOOO I forgot my darn electrical cord so I only got to blog one post!

I need a day off just to get things organized…I’m better organizing everyone else than myself. I really need help! Any suggestions?

Went and tried a horse out with one of my girls yesterday. He was a very nice grey gelding and worked nice for her. We then went and picked up a little palomino mare for her to try for a couple of weeks. We rode her this morning and she did really well….a little on the muscle and antsy but she did listen and settle in for her. I think we may have a match but will withhold judgement until she has ridden her more than once. I see alot of potential in the mare and Danielle is working so hard to step up her game to ride this mare. I am very proud of Danielle and what she has accomplished since I started working with her.

Niki is getting much better, she is beginning to gain weight and she greeted us at the front door when we came home this afternoon. Seems she figured out how to get out of her exer-pen and came upstairs. She got up on the couch – a bit no – no! But she is a precious girl so I forgave her.

I am having some really bad indigestion again, and the pain in my side has started to get worse. I might not be able to make it to my next doctor’s appointment. I’m afraid to really take the pain meds since it is processed through my liver and my liver is compromised right now. I am going to try calling my liver specialist to see what he has to say.

I’m still upset over my oversight in our checking account! I am working to get organized where I can keep track better, over these past few months I’ve slipped up and now I’m paying for it. But no more, I’m taking back control and I’m not giving it back up.

This weekend flew by for us and next weekend will be just as hot and humid but we also have the Fair show coming up! Pete is now lame, I believe it is an abcess trying to come through. I’m going to sole pac his foot again tomorrow to see if we can draw it out.

That is our weekend….I’ll post another update later this week. I’ll try and get some pics of my mudpuppies when we let them back out to roll again. They love to roll!


One Response to Happenings at the Ranch……..Drag Boat Races and horses

  1. slugmama on July 20, 2010 at 6:07 am

    Our weekend flew by too…..who the heck is speeding up the clocks?lol

    Hope your pain gets taken care of…

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