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Happenings at the Ranch…….Late Edition

July 27, 2010

Sorry to be so late in posting – it has been an extremely busy busy week/weekend.

Friday our Son and his family came in from Indiana to help with getting some things around the house fixed.

Result: WE HAVE A NEW PORCH that only cost us the nails used to put it together. We had some lumber that was given to us and now all we need to do to finish is upgrade the steps, caulk and seal the porch!!! Best part – Bear and Josh were able to spend quality time together and that to me was worth more than the porch – priceless! We will take the screws back and exchange for credit towards a couple of pieces of lumber for our steps. WOO HOO!

I’m ordering the stuff for our roof and Josh (being an ex-roofer) and Bear will be fixing the roof in two weeks! WOO HOO!!! Mark this off our to do list! Once that is done then they will finish cleaning up the garage area and the yard. We have one tree limb they will cut down.

Then we can start on the inside getting some things done! LOVE IT! I’m also gonna show Christy how to use coupons and sale fliers to save MONEY – my favorite thing to do besides spending time with Bear & working horses and dogs!

Our fan page for Green Country Drag Boat is really taking off – we are getting ready to do another contest and it will have a great prize package – we are doing an internet Scavenger Hunt Drag Boat Style! If you have a drag boat or drag racer fan in your family – please send them to Facebook here. You must be a FAN and “like” us to participate in our contests and giveaways. You just never know what I might do!!

Sunday was AWESOME and our PETE boy was absolutely great! It started out a little worrisome – our trailer lights were only working on one side. People always wondered about why I start out early! Bear, Jerry (Danielle’s Dad) and Josh were able to find the issue (plugwires were loose) and get it fixed within ten minutes! I love it when a plan comes together. Pete worked so good for Danielle. She placed 4th out of 18 in the Walk Trot on a SPEED EVENT HORSE!!! WOO HOO! Go PETE! She hung tight with all the kids and did an awesome job, gained a ton of confidence which is what we wanted. She also won her a little check – I told her Dad, she has been snakebit severly and there is no getting the love for horses or barrel racing out of her blood! There is nothing like you and your horse running barrels. My hat says it all – three barrels, two hearts, one dream! Yep, we had a successful but hot Sunday!

Pete had three girls “tending” to his needs between events – they were taking wet rags and wiping his face, legs and chest down and making sure he had plenty of water to drink. He just stood there and fell asleep! I love that ole man!

I’ve been workin’ Kit in the round pen and in the arena – it’s a little packed right now so I can’t do much more than trot but I can do some loping and turning in the round pen on her. She is really getting on the muscle and feelin’ good. She has now got it in her head that loading in the trailer only means going half way – I worked with her yesterday and she finally got in and was highly rewarded. There was no pressure for her to do it and she went right in – Thank you Lord! Now please pray that we continue with this positive attitude toward the trailer! Pete, God Love Him, jumps right in and backs right out but it is such a high step that it causes her issues. We are putting a ramp on the back of it.

Thursday is the BIG Speed day at the Fair for us. I’m takin’ the camera and getting photos and video!!!

Well, gotta run – early in the AM for me and I’m headed to work.

I’ll post more on Friday – we are just concentrating on getting ready for our competition.

Wish us luck!


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