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Happenings at the Ranch….

August 18, 2010

This last week has been pretty rough here at the ranch. I’ve been sick – allergies, hives, then sinus, bronchitis, and asthma! It’s been rough – I sneeze, then cough, then scratch and then start all over again! UGH!

Last week was so stinkin’ hot that you would literally melt when you walked out the door! We finally caught a break on Sunday late afternoon.

King‘s medicine was not working for him, he was just all upset and I believe I figured out what the true underlying issue to his behaviour. Whoever had him previously dumped him due to his ability to get out of his crate and his behaviour in the crate. He is definitely not for the faint of heart. I’ve also been working with Dr. Lesch and some meds to take the edge off while I work on this crating issue. We have gone through Xanax, Clompamine, and now we are trying Prozac. I believe we have found the winner! He is not near as anxious in his crate and his effort tonight was half-hearted and then he laid down and fell asleep. Lord, thank you for your guidance to find the right combination for King. He is such a good boy but lacks confidence. He’s a good faker but he is lacking in confidence. You can follow our Journey on King’s facebook page here.

Tonight was a disaster waiting to happen……we arrived home and my window on the passenger side will not roll up! So now I have to take it somewhere tomorrow to get the window up – I can’t afford to get it fixed right now, I just want the window in the UP position and I’ll deal with getting it fixed later! UGH! It could not have come at a worse time than right now!

Looking forward to the Kids coming back down and it being cooler weather!

I go visit Dr. Walden on Thursday and am hoping for good news on my blood work and my progress battling NASH and Diabetes.

I’ve been cooking dinner at night and LOVIN’ it! I really love to cook and it has been fun trying to impress Bear with my Culinary skills! I think his favorite so far has been the Grilled butterfly porkchops with soulard grill seasoning, mashed potatos (real), and Peas with bread and butter. I cooked a Rump Roast on Saturday and we ate it Sunday and took it for Lunch on Monday.

Well, that is what has been going on at the Ranch. Check out some upcoming posts on what we are doing to save money and help replenish our emergency fund and savings accounts.


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