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Happenings at the Ranch…….Friday Edition

August 6, 2010

TGIF! I’m just going to say it again – TGIF!

This has been such a LOOOONG week! King has been with us a week and is beginning to transition into the Thornton household. Nik is tolerating him, he is a busy busy boy and not as laid back as Wyatt. Maestro has put him in his place but we all know that Maestro is pretty crochety in his old age (18)!

King’s meltdowns are getting further and further apart and they are less severe each time. For the most part he will settle himself which is what I want. The crate training has been a real workout for both of us. Me trying to figure out how to keep him calm in the crate, King, trying to figure out how he can get out. I’m not going to jinx this but he stayed in his crate all night with one little meltdown this morning which he calmed himself down. Our walks are getting better, he is learning to walk on a loose leash, heel, sit when we stop and down. He knows a few commands when we got him so we are polishing those up and adding to it. He loves to shake hands. While walking him I’ve noticed that he has a beautiful air scent posture and he really works the ground when looking for scents. We will not start his HRD training for a few more weeks. I want to get his obedience a little further, get him neutered and more settled into our routines. I believe about mid-September we will start some scent training. I CAN’T WAIT!!!
I don’t think I will make this CSAR conference but next year I will be looking to take him to the CSAR conference!

Our horses are surviving the heat well. Banks has hurt his back hip again so we have him stalled and I’ve given him some Bute. I’m ordering him a supplement for Seniors to try and help him through this soreness period. Kit is doing good, she is full of you know what and vinegar! Luke, can’t say enough about that big teddy bear. He is a cuddler! JT, what can you say about a Punk? He’s getting big and this fall his life as he has known it is coming to an end. Pete, what a boy! He is the steady eddie of the group and is our go to guy for riding and he is enjoying his new treats that MaryBeth is bringing to the crew. Zeke is full of energy and LOVES MaryBeth. He does give her fits in the round pen but it will make her a better horsewoman. Cody got a haircut, that boys mane rolls into dreadlocks and is hard to keep combed. He is an in your pocket kind of guy which is hard to believe seeing as how you could not even touch him when we first got him. He’s the first to you and will follow you everywhere. Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, he is low low man on totem pole, bless his heart. He is infatuated with Kit and she won’t give him the time of day! Bear is excited with our new member, he took him on a trail ride and though he is a bit lazy he took to the trails like a champ! Cookie is doing good – she may have a new home here soon. Little girl has always wanted a mini and so we shall see.

Looking to sell some horse equipment and other items we are no longer using – need to get some extra cash to fix our truck. On the way to the show on Thursday our Muffler blew at the seam. We also need to pick up some extra hay getting ready for winter. Yes, I start thinking of winter about now and starting to stockpile items we will need through the winter.

We are looking at purchasing half a steer and half a hog for the winter. Have to look at how the budget can handle this type of purchase. We are going to Eckerts this weekend to pick some fruit! I can’t wait – I’ll freeze some of the fruit for this winter. I have enough fresh corn, I think for about 12 dinners. I’ll need to try and get some more to freeze. I will freeze some with the shuck and silk still on – frozen the silk comes off easy. I will also cut the corn off the cob and just freeze it – add a little butter, put it in a pan and YUM! I would like to get about 10lbs of burger and some carrots and zuchini and do what my friend Michelle does with her hamburger. She will shred carrots and zuchini and mix it in with the ground beef and cook it up. She will then put the cooled cooked ground beef in freezer bags for spaghetti, chilli, goulash, and other meals. She also mixes up this mixture with all the fixins for meat loaf and freezes the loaves for later. She can take 10lbs and get 14 lbs of this ground meat mix COOKED! Oh, and she will make up nice little hamburger patties and freeze them – she will make nice size patties, use wax paper in between them, and freeze them.

I won three coupon books from AQHA for their contests. These books have about $70.00 worth of coupons for horse related items that we use! This will help reduce our horse budget! Yeah and THANK YOU AQHA!

We are trying to save every penny we can find right now, our emergency fund has taken a hit for things not related to emergencies so I know have to build this back up.

This weekend is the Mid America Summer Nationals in Chouteau OK. I sure wish we could be down there to watch those guys race but next year will be different! I am working on their website and managing their FB page for them. Check them out – GREEN COUNTRY DRAG BOAT on Facebook!

Well, gotta get scootin’ we have company comin’ so I need to try and get this place picked up!


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