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Horse and Canine Popsicles!

August 2, 2010

Don’t know about all of my readers areas but here in the midwest we are under a Heat Advisory for the next 3 days! Here’s something to keep your K9’s and Equine’s hydrated – we freeze 5 gallon buckets and smaller containers:

Equines – I mix up enough water with a little electrolyte or kooleaid to make 6 inches of water to freeze, I then cut up fruit (apples, watermelon rin……d, carrots) and put in the bucket and add more of the water mix about 6 – 10 inches of water and then freeze, I finish with another 6 inches of water with more fruit. I keep going until we have a frozen fruit popsicle!! Or you can make smaller ones for stalls which we also do.

Canine’s – do the same but use beef boulion flavored water, freeze and add some cut up hot dogs, beef jerky, and pop out and watch them go after it!You may have to make several – our horses now fight over their popsicles as do our dogs – they don’t share well!See MoreSee More


One Response to Horse and Canine Popsicles!

  1. Jennifer on August 5, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    What a great idea, it has been very hot here too.

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