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I just knew it was gonna be a great day!

August 18, 2010

My car went to the shop this morning and me worried sick that it was going to cost an arm and a leg.

You see, yesterday when Bear and I got home from the barn I went to roll my window up and it wouldn’t roll up. We tried from the driver side switch – nothing. Bear tried to see if he could fix the issue but it just was not meant to be. And we all know that I am a worrier and I was thinking all sorts of $$$expensive things. In addition to the window there was a noise in the front right wheel area that just started up!

I worried about the car all night – afraid someone would take it or pilfer through it. Well, the care was just as we left it that evening. I worked from home today – I’m still having problems breathing but it is starting to get a bit better. I see the Doctor tomorrow. I called our mechanic at Quality Automotive (he owns it) – Gary – and explained to him the issue and he said bring it on in. Well, he rode back with me to drop me off (we don’t live very far). All I wanted was the window in the up position – if we had to replace switch or motor I would worry about it later and to see what that noise was in the front.

I called about 3pm today and guess what……………..They fixed the window – it had just gotten off its track and so they fixed it and it now rolls up using both switches and the noise, nothing to worry about, just a belt making some noise! Cost $65.00, peace of mind……PRICELESS!

It is very important to find a trusted Automotive Shop that you can trust. Quality Automotive is the auto repair store from yesteryear – they treat you with respect and you know that when they quote you a price, you don’t have to get different estimates because theirs will be reasonable and it will be done right.

Praise the Lord!


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