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King’s Home from the Hospital

August 28, 2010

I took King in to the Vet to have his surgery. It was part of my responsibility as his new K9 Handler to have him neutered. If you haven’t heard King’s story and how he got a second lease on life read about it here. King has his own Facebook group called King’s Journey if you would like to follow our journal into being on deathrow to being a service dog.

Bless his heart, I just can’t imagine what ran through his mind when I handed the leash over and I left without him. I called a couple of times to check on him and they assured me he was doing fine.
He had to stay overnight and this morning I picked him up. He was so excited to see me that we could barely contain him. I finally got him settled so I could get his collar on. He did very well on the ride home and could barely wait to get in the house. I fed him and gave him his meds and then put him in his crate (which he can turn around and move very well with the cone).
I turned the TV on and he threw a minor meltdown fit which did not last more than 2 minutes and then settled himself and went to sleep. Well, I was afraid if I left via the front door I would get him all upset again, so, I left throught the basement which you go through the bathroom.
He was asleep when we got home this evening and I’m getting ready to give him his dinner and antibiotic. All-in-all he is doing great! He has to wear the cone for 5 days – UGH – but he is manuevering quite well with it.
I just have to move some things around at cone level so they don’t get knocked over!
I’ll keep everyone posted.

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