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Meet King and follow his Journey

August 2, 2010

Meet my new K9 partner in training King. Say Hi! King – WOOF! King was scheduled to be destroyed, yes destroyed, on Tuesday.

We do not know much about his past other than what has happened to him in the last week by an IL animal control officer. Most small cities do not have the facilities to hold dogs they pick up longer than 7 days. It was this cities policy that they only hold dogs for seven days – King’s day was up on Tuesday 8/3/2010!

Bear and I had been to a fair show on Thursday evening and had not gotten back home until 2AM Friday morning. (I took off Friday – still had a conference call with Asia Friday night) I took Bear to work Friday am and came home with intentions on blogging and kicking back.

I truly believe Wyatt angel had a hand in this from the start. I got home from taking Bear to work, let Nik and Maestro out to lounge with me and opened up the internet and started with Facebook. A good friend had posted the info and the pic you see above of King. Well, that sealed the deal, I called Bear because we had discussed not getting anymore dogs and I certainly wasn’t looking for another Partner after Wyatt for awhile. I was and still am grieving for my Wyatt. God Love Bear, he told me to do what I thought I needed to do and he would back me up on my decision. I wrestled with this for over an hour, cried, prayed, cried some more and then picked up the phone and called the animal control office to inquire. I was so sure that this magnificant dog had already been claimed. Nope, he was still there. They were closed on Sat/Sun and there was no way I could get there on Friday – over 4.5 hour round trip – and Monday was a work day.
Greg, a K9 Handler and friend stepped in. He picked up King for me on Friday and let him stay at his place overnight. I made arrangements to pick him up and see if someone would ride with me – Bear had to work. Margie and I began our trip to pick King up at 8:30am and made it to Greg’s place about 11:00am. I loved him from the time I laid eyes on him! He was gorgeous, his trot, as Greg put it was elegant.

Margie and I started back about 11:45 with King in the back. King was anxious and excited – loaded right up in the car! What I had not anticipated was the LONG tongue and him with his head right in the middle of us! After about 1.5 hours he started to settle in and lay down. I took him right to the Vet (no appt) – THANK YOU DR. TIM & CREW at Hoof and Paw! They took us in and Dr. Tim gave him a good going over and his shots. He was very impressed. I had scheduled his neuter with the office (Oct 8 – they are busy) but DR. TIM is awesome – because of his attitude and nature he rescheduled us for Aug. 26th! During the visit I pointed out to Dr. Tim a bump on the back of his neck by his shoulder – it was a sebacious cyst. Dr. Tim did a simple procedure on King without having to tranq him that he said a normal dog would not have tolerated. He said he was a very nice dog. This was the first time Bear got to meet our boy! I paid for his shots and heartworm and off we went to the barn.

King did great at the barn, meeting horses, dogs, goats, and different ducks, chickens, peacock, and guinea. He was not phased at all but showed alot of interest. I had to do some things at the barn so we put him in a clean stall with water and a chew bone. He got a little anxious but settled down and when I went to check on him he was sleeping a little much needed rest!

Next hurdle, passing the Niki test. She accepted Wyatt with no problem but I was wondering how she would accept King. She is a good girl and did great with meeting him although he tried a dominate paw over shoulder and she promptly told him that would not be accepted. He complied with this snip from her so I’m sure this will be worked out. She did steal his bone last night while I was not looking and took it back to her box with hers. I had to get it out this morning and give back to him. He promptly took it and “buried it” under some newspaper.

Saturday Night was HORRENDOUS, this boy was suffering from Anxiety! I told Bear to head to bed – it was going to be a long night. I would get him calmed and move and he would pop-up and then start whining and moving around. It took me along time into Sunday AM to get him to calm and settle down. Whew, I sure hoped Sunday would be better. I know what his issue is and we will work through it but this type of issue is a patience trying issue. Sunday was much better – he went to the barn with us, I worked some obedience (before it got hot) and put him in his kennel at the barn with a fan while we ran a couple of errands. He is showing some separation anxiety issues, to be expected, so I’ve been working on this through out the day. When he settles and stays settled for a period of time, I will walk back and either play in the stall with him or get him out and let him have some run time and a little obedience then we go back to the stall. He is beginning to understand that if you will settle when I put you up, I will be back. I believe he was crated for long periods of time without human interaction.

Sunday evening, I spoke to my Vet (put in a call) and he called me back. I told him of the issues I was having with the crate – his crate is actually a large kennel – he has plenty of room to stand-up, walk around, and lay flat out on his side with no problems. So he told me what to do, and King after a period of about an hour of whining, yelping and trying every which way to get out of his crate started to settle down. Just so you know, he was given something to settle him down via Veterinarian care. I tried the rescue remedy which is holistic but this was too far past rescue remedie’s ability. He settled and we only had a couple of times in the evening where he was getting anxious but he was able to settle himself and I got a good nights rest.

He is beginning to learn that the crate area is not a bad place and we are not making a big deal out of crating. The biggest issue is once he settles and then something sets him off and he gets anxious.

King is a picky eater and I haven’t been able to get him to eat too much except the Pet Botanicals Lamb and brown rice sausage roll. I’m mixing it with dry right now to see if we can transition.

If you have suggestions to help stimulate his appetite, I’m all ears.

This morning at 6AM I got up and let them out to potty and got everyone settled and this is what he is doing now:

He is learning to settle. We will be doing more training this evening when it cools down a bit we will take a walk.

I still can’t believe on Friday, I was looking at his picture and now I get to see his sweet goofy face all the time! He is definitely bonding with me and like I said before…..I loved him from the first time I saw him.

I believe that Wyatt put this dog in my life to help with my grief over losing him AND to get back into SAR.

Stay Tuned and if you want to follow with daily tidbits besides the posts I will post here then join King’s Journey on FaceBook we would love to have you on our team!


3 Responses to Meet King and follow his Journey

  1. Michelle on August 2, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    He is so beautiful!!

  2. Nancy on August 2, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    Thank you Michelle, he is such a good boy, cannot believe someone just abandoned this guy!

  3. The Wife on August 5, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    That is AWESOME!!!! He is such a lucky boy. You did good!

    I'm gonna follow on facebook!

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