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Happenings at the Ranch……overdue version

September 6, 2010

Whew, it has been awhile since I posted a Happenings at the Ranch post! Things have been all over the the place – it’s felt like a jigsaw puzzle from the middle of August to the end and I’m sure glad August is behind us!

Bear went to visit with the Dr. and he has had a new drug added to his regimen. It is to help with his blood sugar. He has lost 7 lbs – he’s trying to keep up with my 45! His BP was in good shape so if we can get the Blood sugar under control he might be able to start coming off the BP medicine! He is going back in December and will have blood drawn prior to going – a full blood panel work up.

Bear and I are hard at work on the newly revised budget! I hope to have it up by the 1st of October.

King has his neuter and the weekend was pure you know what for all of us trying to put up with the cone around the neck! Thought I took some pictures but I guess I did not do that – Darn! Nothing like getting goosed by the cone trying to take King outside. Bless his heart!

This weekend, Josh, Christy, and Autumn along with baby Jersey (he’s so cute) came to visit. Josh had to work Saturday – bless his heart and then Christy got sick and had to do homework most of the weekend! She did get her computer and I got it set-up for her. She is going to do great because she is so dedicated to getting her homework done! We went on Saturday while Josh was working and picked up her computer. We went to Micro Center and picked up a Refurbished one for a steal. Now, before you say Refurbished let me tell you what happens. The refurbished are BRAND NEW computers that when they got to the end of the assembly line and booted up – they would not work properly and so they went back through the assembly line. Now they cannot be tagged as NEW but Refurbished! We then went to Ace Hardware where I had called on Thursday about a product called SNOW. It is for the roof and comes in 5 gallon buckets. The guy told me he had two buckets left and they were 114.00 each but he would let me have them for 99.00! I told him I wouldn’t be able to make it in until Saturday but please hold them for me – so we picked them up on Saturday.

I took Autumn with me on Sunday while Josh and Bear went to ride horses. Gave Christy time to get her homework done in quiet. Autumn helped me get my coupons together and I could see her eyeing my coupon binder and hinting as only an 8 year olds can hint. So, one of our stops was to Office Max to get her own coupon book. She was so excited she could not contain herself – she wanted to come home and get it set up. I even got her started with her own register reward – I let her do the St. Ives transaction! Now, I’ve created a coupon monster!! Anything that resembles a coupon is getting clipped and put in the binder! LOL! I told her that when she comes down next time we will map out our game plan and go shopping.

I fixed Cheese enchilads, shrimp/crab dip, and french onion dip for Sunday dinner. We will have left-overs for a couple of days.

The guys got alot of stuff out of the kitchen and I can now say – I HAVE MORE ROOM!

Today, I took Christy and Autumn for another round of Walgreens (man the gatorade and Arizona Tea are too good to pass up) while Josh and Bear climbed up on the roof and got it mopped down and all the cracks filled in. YEAH!

We grilled brats and hamburgers with potato salad and left over dips. It was good and we did not have anything left over. We do have some potato salad left over so we will be having that for lunch this week.

As I type this, the house is abnormally quiet after a full-house this weekend and I miss the noise – it makes a house a home. Don’t you think?

With the help of a friend, we are hard at work making some upgrades to my website/blog – and I’ll announce more when we are closer to launch. Exciting times are around the corner personally and business.

That is a wrap-up around here for Happenings at the Ranch! It sure has been a busy time and I’m hoping it slows just a little for September so we can have a break. Can’t wait for the kids next visit! We will celebrate Josh’s birthday.


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