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Happenings at the Ranch – The Mission

November 30, 2010

I’m on a mission.

What is it you ask?  Well, I thought you would never ask! LOL!

I’m on a mission to bring more money in than is going out and to not use our debit card but cash for everything.

Today is a great day because for a short period of time…..we have $$$ in the bank….well I want to make that last so I’m going to be paying cash for everything.  I KNOW.  This is going to be hard but I need to save as much $$$ as we can beginning NOW, not tomorrow, next week or next month but NOW.

Want to know want I am doing?  I’m looking at everything, and working on our budget….it’s easier said than done but it’s a sad fact that with the economy as unstable as it is, we have to have a plan and an emergency fund!  No stone will be left unturned.

Want to join me?  I would hope that you have some ideas and things that you do that you could share to help all of us out so if you have something to share, please leave a comment.

I’m not spending any money on toiletries no matter how “free” they are!  I’ve got enough of everything that we are good for 6 months.  We are eating from the pantry as much as possible.  I’m working on selling a few pieces of furniture that we are not taking down to OK with us through Craigslist.

Dear Kristine, please do not send me anymore Craigslist ads about really cheap horses – LOL!  Love ya girl!

I’m keeping up with clipping my coupons, I don’t care what anyone says, this has saved us a ton of money if you use them correctly against sales.  I am a Money Magnet (link at the bottom in my blog roll) is truly a money magnet and Jamie is really good at combining sales with coupons.

I’ve also started to re-read The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn.  I have all three books and the final fourth book.  Love reading about her ways of saving money.  Have you read her books?  What do you think?   I’ll be posting some of the things that I am using from her books to help save us $$$.

I’ve covered this before but I love the Purina Rewards Program!  It allows us to use the Strategy Healthy Edge feed without breaking our bank!  I just purchased two bags of their feed and saved $10.00.  That is $10.00 I can put towards hay or our custom grain mix.

The Purina Dog Food bags that have the $5.00 coupon inside is pretty nice little money saver from PetsMart and Purina.  I’ve been able to use both the $5.00 coupon and the mfg coupon for $2.00 off on a bag of dog food that has another $5.00 coupon it it.  I’ve got $20.00 in these gift coupons now.  That will help with the dog food bill for the next two months.  I’m hoping my Pro-Club coupons get here too!  That will be great money saver!

Another area that I’m trying to save money is our magazines – Bear LOVES going to the bookstore and looking at magazines so the ones that he wants to buy there at B&N I’ve gone online and found discount codes to get a subscription for the price of one magazine!  This has helped and his books I get on Half.com – a book from B&N was 24.95 and I found it on Half.com for 2.75 + shipping – total cost – $5.89!!!  He is getting several for Christmas.

Bear and I are going to really work hard to make this work.  So, are ya with me?  You have to spread the wealth of knowledge here….so fess up on what you do to save money!


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