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Happenings at the Ranch….Very late edition

November 29, 2010

I was reminded just recently by a reader that my posts have been lacking lately – a little BORING.  And I realized, I’ve been so consumed with moving and re-design of the blog, that I forgot what I really love to do and that is BLOG!  It’s not writing, it’s pouring what I’m thinkin’ and feelin’ into my post and hangin’ it out there for everyone to read.  Oh Lordy, would my Nannie King have a fit – airin’ my laundry to the world!  LOL!  But, the YaYa Sisterhood of the Blog understands – Right?

Here is what has been happenin’ on the Ranch lately.  I’ve figured out that magical fairies and elves do not seem to appear and pack up everything you own and help you disgard 15 years of accumulation because you have decided to move!  Man, did that hit me like a ton of bricks!  15 years earlier when we moved up here it only took one trailer hooked to a truck and a car!  Now, I’m logistically challenged trying to work out 8 horses and all of their stuff, 5 dogs and all of their stuff, one husband and all of his stuff, and one Mama Bear and all of her STUFF!  George Carlin would be so proud of our “STUFF”!

Bear gave his notice at work and will start his new job in January.  He will have one week here and then will be down in OK getting things ready for the horses for two weeks.  The Monday after Christmas my Brother, Sharon, and the boys will be pulling a trailer up to haul 3 horses back and looks like we will be hauling back on that Wednesday.  We are praying for nice weather through December to help with the move.  I sure wish I could afford to ship the horses but the only hauler I would even consider quoted me $2600.00 – My frugal body went right into a frugal coma!  I’ll ride’m to OK before I pay that much.  Granted, it seems high but really, you get what you pay for but unfortunately, I can’t afford that.  Thank goodness for friends and family with trailers willing to help!

This is so bittersweet, leaving good friends but I’m just so excited to be able to go back home and be close to family.  We have decided to postpone Christmas until we come home in January.  Margie has been so good to Bear and I and all of our horses and we just love her like she is family that I will miss her so much.   God put Margie in our path for a reason, and I thank him for allowing us to find each other as this friendship will last forever.

I sold a saddle to one of my clients and another saddle to a friend to add to our $$$ fund for moving.  We are going through our horse equipment to see what else we can sell.  I will be posting our Hutch, table and chairs, dresser, couple of chairs, rocking chair, and taking stuff to Goodwill like clothes and kitchen stuff.  I’m cleaning the pantry out and donating the food to a food pantry.  We are eating from the pantry right now and anything left will be donated. 

The glider that I got earlier this summer has been donated to a very good cause – infant crisis center – I just need to deliver it.  This donation really makes me feel good and that is better than trying to sell it.

I just put in the crockpot to cook Brown rice and Chicken and now it smells so good in the house and I’m hungry! Well, I gotta eat a little lunch and get back to packin’! I’m still recovering from finding out that they don’t have fairies and elves that just magically do it all for you! 

Catch ya later this week on another update.  I’m sure I’m gonna have alot of stories!  I just can’t wait to start sharing our life at HOME, OKLAHOMA HOME!

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