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My Daytimer – My Life….

November 30, 2010
I want to introduce you to my Day-timer or as my Bear (DH) says “our life in a book”.
Do you have one? If no, how do you stay organized?
I love my red book and I’m dorky about who I let handle it – I about have a spaz attack if Bear does anything but hold it!
Bear loves to see how he can torment me by pretending to write in my book or accidently drop my book.
I keep EVERYTHING in my little red book and I have it proudly displayed on my desk at work and I write EVERYTHING down in my book. It is like a portable desk.

I have a highlighter with the tabs in it, a sharpie pen and my three way pen – pencil, black pen, red pen.

I just received my 2011 inserts- Woo Hoo – love the tidbits of information that is now at my fingertips!
I have, over several years, arranged this planner to fit MY needs and not what someone in corporate thought I should be doing with it.
Have you seen how they want you to write it down here but then turn twenty pages and write it down again, then put it on a small paper that fits in your book mark!
No way, write it down once – unless I have to move it from my master to do to my short term to do.
I also make notes in the calendar session of when I have registered for something and if any action is needed on my part.  I also use this to keep track of our horses & dogs vaccines and wormings.  It is also a back-up to my cell-phone contact list.  Hey, I only trust technology so far…..right?
Now I do have a big calendar that I put down our agenda so Bear knows what’s going on but the daytimer – well, that’s all mine and I just don’t know what I would do with out it!
So what do you use, how do you organize, budget, keep things straight?  Come on, you can share!

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