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Garlic – not just for the Vamps

December 5, 2010

Do you like Garlic?  Well I really like garlic and use it freely in our recipes.  Funny story, you know how they say that the Garlic pills are good for people with vascular issue and since Bear has some heart issues I started him on the garlic pills that are supposed to not make you “smell” like garlic.  Guess what, took three months after he quit taking the pills to quit “smelling” like garlic when he would sweat!  So now, I just use it in our food.

Did you know that if you want a lighter taste of garlic that you should add it at the beginning and if you want it stronger you add it towards the end of your recipe.

Also, if you want a better “essence” of garlic you need to crush the clove….take the clove and lay your knife flat against the clove and with the palm of your hand press down.  This will help to release the wonderful garlic “essence” oil that really flavors your recipes.

Garlic is very easy to grow, try growing your own garlic and you will not be disappointed!

How do you use garlic?

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