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Happenings at the Ranch

December 30, 2010

I often wondered what inner peace would feel like and now, I’m beginning to find out.  The picture below is the view I now have in my new office at home.  It is very peaceful and because of that, I’m more productive.

Just watching the Cardinals that add a splash of color to winter is peaceful to watch.

I’m blessed beyond belief and am so very thankful to work for a company that is open to allowing me to work from home – not just home but back in Oklahoma with family.


I will be posting more on our move and the happenings that are now going on at Raging Bear Ranch in OK! 

Bear and his Brother have departed for St. Louis to bring the last load of household belongings, then we will begin the work on the barn and gear up to bring our horses home!  I can’t wait.  I miss our guys more than ever.

Well, that is a short up date of our happenings at the Ranch for the time being.  I’m still in move mode and will be through next week.  Hope to post a more indepth Happenings at the Ranch – some funny things have been happening and I’m not sure but I believe our ghost George has relocated with us.  I’ll keep you posted – LOL!


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