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Happenings at the Ranch and more…..

December 13, 2010

Well, it has been a busy week and King is once again in the proverbial dog house!

He has destroyed another crate, and in the process, broke a canine tooth which the vet said he luckily missed hitting the nerve so we are leaving it as is.  While trying to get out, he pulled a motor oil bottle into his crate, yep, you guessed it, was not a very pretty site let me tell you.

I think he know he hit a very touchy area because he has been very very good since Thursday.  Although his tail seems to have a mind of it’s own, don’t get in it’s way!  I’ve been slapped more than once!

I don’t know about your area, but we just got socked with snow, wind, and bitter cold weather.  Weather here would rival any frozen tundra area for sure!

Bear is trying to catch a cold and I keep beating it out of him but it keeps trying to take hold!  NO NO NO he can’t get sick!  I think we have both drank enough green tea, vitamin C supplements and every other herb known to mankind to keep this crap at bay.

I’m stressing over our impending move, trying to make sure that we stayon schedule.  We have alot of work to do to get the barn ready for our horses.  We will be building stalls and repairing fence when we get down.  Bear’s company was going to throwaway two full pallets of 2x4x8 boards – Bear asked if he could have them and they said yes!  We now have a whole truck bed full of lumber…..saved us some money!

Went to PetsMart today and I used my PurinaPro club $7.00 check, two $5.00 coupons off ANY purina product, a $1.00 off Pupperoni (the pups favorites), and Buy one Get one Free Pedigree canned dog food.  We were able to buy the following products:

44.1 lbs Purina Dog Chow, 1 Big bag of Pupperone sticks, 2 cans of pedigree dog food, 7 cans of Alpo dog food – all for $24.00.

The Purina Dog Chow Bag had another $5.00 coupon inside it and the pupperoni had another $2.00 off coupon in it!  I love these dog coupons!

I have a few horse feed coupons left that I will need to use before we move down to OK.  Have you signed up for the Purina Rewards program?  If you haven’t, you should, here is the link – Purina Rewards

We have used these coupons to really help with our feed bill for our horses.  What things do you do to save money? 

We made it yesterday to Old Navy for their Fleece for 5.00 sale – Bear loves these fleece pull-overs for around the house – we were able to bag 3 of them.  These will last a long time!

We went to the bookstore for a short time, I had to get my coupon book in order before going to Wal-mart for some groceries.  We are trying to eat as much from the pantry as possible but there are items that we have to supplement with to get by till we get to OK.   I had coupons for everything on my list – Woo Hoo, although I did go a little over my $100.00 budget – NEVER take your hubby shopping with you when you are trying to DEPLETE your pantry not re-stock it! 

I’m going to really work hard at getting alot of our stuff sold this week.  I’m hoping to get the hutch, table, 6 chairs with 2 extensions and the custom hot pad cover sold along with the rocking chair, refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, bedroom suit.  We also have a corner tv stand that I will try and sell too along with an Exer-glider and Exer-rider.

I’m in frugal mode like nothing else, if it can wait till OK we are not putting any money to it!  What will help is Bear now being able to work on the house while I’m at work.  His last day on the job was Wednesday, this was planned so that he would be able to get things ready for the move.

I’ve been workin’ on Margie’s Christmas present.  This will be bittersweet, as I’ve come to love her like family.  I will miss her terribly!  When Pi (Margies stud that she raised from a baby) was put to sleep at 24, I saved a portion of his tail.  I got the stuff to make her something very special with the tail hair that she will be able to wear and remember him.  He was a very special horse for her and I wanted to do something special for her.  I made a book last year for her of his life from when he was just born to his senior years.  He was such a sweet old stud – he was the easiest stud to handle that is for sure.

Well, that is what is happenin’ around the Ranch here – can’t wait to start reporting on the goings on in OK!

Catcha Later!


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