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Happenings at the Ranch…….Building a barn out of a shed

February 26, 2011

Well, we almost have all of the horses down.

Weather got in the way of bringing down the last three (Elvis, JT, and Cody).  We are going to try and get them in the next two weeks.

When we looked at the property, there was a “tractor” shed and it had a lot of stuff in it that we had to clear out before we could begin building the stalls and converting this shed into a barn.

We had begun the process in October when we knew we had the property.  Bear’s old job had a load of 2×4’s that they were just going to throw away and he asked them if he could take them.  They gave him the okay so off he went with 2 truckloads of 2×4’s!  The expense to convert the shed into a horse barn is currently less than $300.00.  We still need to do more work but we are reusing any and everything we can get our hands on.

For me, this was the first phase of a dream, a dream to live on the same property as our horses.

It took several days and lots of hard work to convert this old shed into a barn.

Bear worked very hard and did the majority of the work.  Rob, Bear’s brother, helped immensely by bringing his tractor to help with clean out of the shed.

My Dad found us some used sheets of tin that will be used to finish the fronts of the stalls and the front of the barn.  These sheets will also be used to re-roof our Yellow container building which will become a hay shed for us.

On January 25, Bear and James drove to IL and met up with my friend Mary to bring 6 of our horses down to OK.  It was a very nerve wracking time for me waiting at home, getting things prepped for their arrival on Saturday.  Needless to say, I did not sleep hardly at all that night.

Saturday, they arrived and I was so happy to see my girl Kit peaking out of her stall.  It had been a long 4 weeks without seein’ my girl and there she was!  And Banks was right next to her and nickering at me as if to say “what took you so long?”!

Cookie was in her turnout stretching her legs.

Pete, Zeke, and Luke were looking for their attention as well.

Luke Peaking around his stall

Right after they arrived, we had two days to prepare for the biggest snow storm that changed Oklahoma to Snowklahoma!  Stay-tuned for the Snowklahoma saga!


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