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Purina Rewards Program…..Money Saving Coupons and more!

February 27, 2011

I received the below e-mail from Purina Rewards and wanted to pass it on to my “horse friends”.  I belong to the Purina Rewards program and get money saving coupons from them which helps to keep our feed bill in check.

Well, they are now offering a “refer-a-friend” program and for the first five friends that I refer, I will get an additional $5.00 Purina feed coupon with my normal quarterly rewards!

If you are not already a member, would you consider joining and using my unique referral code?

To join the Purina Rewards program and take the 60 day challenge – click here PurinaDifference.com and then use this Unique Referral Code: 20101020-66-05391435.

Once you join, you too can participate in the refer-a-friend program as well!

Save up to $25 More
Beginning in March, we will be launching the Purina® 60 Day See The Difference Challenge at PurinaDifference.com. New customers will be challenged to feed their animals Purina® products for 60 days.* We believe they’ll see a difference in those animals, or we’ll buy back the feed.** As a sign-up bonus, they’ll receive coupons to help get them started. And, like you, they can then save even more through participation in Purina Difference™ Rewards.

Current rewards members and members of their households are not eligible to take the Purina® 60 Day Challenge for animals already enrolled in the program because you already receive the benefits of Purina® feed and Rewards offers. However, we do invite you to participate with other animals not already enrolled in the Rewards program.

We’d also like your help spreading the word about the 60 Day Challenge and Purina® feed, and we’re willing to give you $25 for doing so. For the first five friends you get to sign up for the 60 Day Challenge, you will receive an additional $5.00 Purina® feed coupon with your next quarter rewards certificates! That’s a $25 savings just for getting your friends to try Purina® feed.***

Referring your friends is simple. All your friends need to do is enter your unique referral code when they enroll in the 60 Day Challenge at PurinaDifference.com.

Your Unique Referral Code: 20101020-66-05391435

Get your friends involved today –  they’ll see the difference Purina® feed can make in their animals. And don’t forget to share your unique code with them to ensure you get the savings you deserve!



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