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I remember when……..

July 7, 2011

Have you ever read something, seen something or possibly smelled something that just brought back a flood of memories?  No pictures on this post, close your eyes and remember when……….

Today was one of those days…….homemade playdough!  Yep, that is what brought back great memories of my Great-Grandmother Susie King, aka Nannie King, and her ways of keeping me occupied while I grew up.

You see, Nannie King was from an era that you saved everything whether it be a breadsack or a closet full of soap and toliet paper.  Living through the depression and several wars made my Nannie King very diligent in the art of saving money.

My Great Grandfather, Eck King, fell one day and hit his head, he thought that he was going to die and told my Grandfather and Uncle King that he had $40,000.00 hidden in several places in the house, one being in between the mattress of his bed and some in old mason jars buried along the edge of the workshop shed!!  The distrust he had in the banks were a carryover from the depression.  Can you imagine having that much money in your home……this gives you a glimpse of how my Great Grandparent became big time savers and helped to shape and mold me.

Okay, back to the story of remembering when…….my Nannie had several things that she would do to keep me occupied during the day – on very hot days I was given a coffee can filled with water, a paint brush and a huge canvas also known as the driveway to draw till my heart was content or chalk was used to draw hopscotch patterns.

My Nannie also made the BEST homemade playdough in the whole world and kept batches of it on hand for me and my cousins to play with.  I don’t know what her recipe was for making it but while combing one of my favorite sites – Hotcouponworld.com I came across this post – Homemade Playdough – and it just brought back a flood of memories, I had to share!

I hope that you will take the time and use some of the “depression” era ideas to have some quality fun with your children, neighborhood kids, or just be a kid yourself!

Think I’ll get my coffee can and paint brush and see what I can paint on my huge canvas driveway…..have some fun!


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