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Raging Bear Ranch Frugal Comfort recipes

December 8, 2011
Thought I would pass on two recipe’s that we use that we can literally eat on for two or three days since it is just my husband and I but we practice frugality since we have 9 horses – yes horse so we have learned to cut edges everywhere – I even wrote a book entitled Equine Tightwaddery– how to keep horses without breaking the bank.
Hobo Stew
Cut up potatoes into quarters and put in the pot OR just clean small red potatoes and drop them in the pot. If you like potatos you can increase the number of potatoes you use.

Either use fresh green beans (this will take longer to cook and should be cooked first and then added to the stew) or one-two cans (or frozen veggies) of green beans, carrots, peas, I use fresh corn on the cob cut into sections and also cut off corn from the cob but you can use a couple of cans of corn as well.  You can add all type of veggies – just about the kitchen sink!  If you use fresh remember the time to cook might take longer and you will have to adjust the water – if using cans just pour veggies and juice in the pot (you want the water level to be about a 1/2 to 1 inch above the potatoes. On top of all the vegetables cut up into small bite-size pieces smoked sausage (my husband and I use the beef but any type of smoked sausage will work). Put it on low-med heat and put the lid on – checking juice every now and then – when the potatoes and green beans are cooked the stew is ready – it is great with just a little dab of butter, salt and pepper or a little shredded cheese on top. What is left over goes right into single serving bowls for lunch the following day and left overs – the longer it sits the better it gets!!!!

Raging Bear Ranch Potato Soup
I’m lactose intolerant to milk (I can tolerate some cheeses) but love cream of potato soup – my husband has developed a recipe for potato soup that is (to me) better than a cream of potato soup.
Cut up a pot full of potatos – add water – cover the potatos and 2″ above the potatos, salt, and pepper and put on medium heat – watching to ensure that it is not too high – adding water as you go – about halfway through when the potatosbegin to soften (don’t stir too much) cut up a yellow onion and add some garlic to the soup. Stir the onion/garlic into the soup and add the lid but cock it so the steam can still escape and turn the heat down just a bit – Now, every 10 minutes stir the pot but do not add water as you now want it to thicken up just a bit when it begins to thicken get out your 2% milk and add just a splash for “color” and add just a little bit of butter. Now you have potato soup – bake a batch of homemade bread and feast like a king -this is one of our favorite dishes in the winter as it cooks it heats up the kitchen and our front room so we will cook a big pot starting after lunch for dinner. You can get a little creative with this soup but it really hits the spot and you have left overs for lunch and a meal the next couple of days!YUMMY – we are going to pick up some potatoes for homemade potato soup tomorrow!What are some of your favorite “comfort” recipes?
****These recipes are exclusive to Raging Bear Ranch – if you reference them on your site please link back to us and give us credit – Thanks****

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