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Sweet Smelling Pets without the Water

December 6, 2011

Does your dog smell, well, like a dog? Do you hate giving your dog a bath? Does he/she hate getting baths?

Did you know that over bathing can cause dry skin? Well, it does which causes your dog to itch more which in turn causes more dander that you have to sweep up.

Here is a trick to extend the times between bathing. Not only is this easy to mix up it is so Frugally cheap and out performs the branded stuff!

Find an empty shaker bottle (I use a small coffee can w/lid and I’ve punched small holes in it) – and put this in the shaker bottle – Mix well – 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup Cornstarch. Now if you want a little smell to it and you have some dried rosemary or mint add this to the mix and mix well or you can add some essential oil like rose, lavender, or vanilla. Just be sure you mix it WELL before putting it in your shaker. Now take your doggie outside or somewhere where you can easily clean up and shake this over his coat. Lightly rub into the coat and then brush out – do not over shake the mix onto your dog – just lightly dust him. This will deodorize him without stripping his coat of all the oils plus it lifts dirt up so you can brush it out!

This stuff will last forever – just keep adding to it at the ratio of 1 : 1 and mixing it well.

If your dog is long haired, I recommend doing this in sections at a time. I use our Furminator when I do this and you would not believe the results!

Best of all, no wet furniture or floors!  Your dogs will smell good and your furniture will too!


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