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MannaPro Fly Spray – Must have for our barn

June 27, 2012



I received the below e-mail from Manna Pro and I wanted to forward to everyone. I use their Fly Spray and have found it to be very good and economical. They are now going to be running promotions on their FaceBook Page and they also have a $15.00 rebate when you purchase 3 Manna Pro Fly Products! Read on and be sure to Sign-up!

Manna Pro knows that keeping your horse free of harmful insects is a top priority. That is why we are offering you the tools and knowledge to rid yourself of these pests so you can enjoy riding season! 

Be sure to “like” our Manna Pro Horse Facebook Page where we run great promotions, offer coupons, and post blogs with useful information for taking care of your horse.  Starting in July, Manna Pro will be running a weekly fly spray products giveaway where you could win fantastic products including a top-of-the-line Kensington Fly Mask.  Remember, you can only win if you visit the Facebook Page!

Great Guides from Manna Pro

  • Fly Control Solutions Guide.  This covers topics from fly control through feed to natural spray alternatives and everything in between.

Save BIG with Manna Pro This Summer

  • Download a rebate worth $15 in cash back with the purchase of three Manna Pro fly spray products.  Get It Here!

Learn more about Manna Pro’s great products

  • Equine Fly and Mosquito Spray is available in a ready-tp-use spray and a concentrate formula.  It controls pests up to 4 weeks and can be used on horses, ponies, and dogs.
  • Equine Fly and Mosquito Aerosol kills and repels 6 fly species, mosquitoes, gnats and more.  The quiet spray allows for easier spraying of animals.
  • BestDefense kills 10 species of the most prevalent insects, is quick killing, and has higher active ingredients levels than competitive products.
  • CalmCoat Fly Natural Repellent has an all natural water-based formula.  This repellent is environmentally friendly; it contains no insecticides, pesticides, or toxins!


Happy Summer from all of us at Manna Pro!


One Response to MannaPro Fly Spray – Must have for our barn

  1. Kathryn Gearhart on July 22, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Manna Pro quit making the aerosol even though everyone that I know LOVES & USES it!!! The spray is worthless. I was unable to download your coupons, but I found a shop that still had the aerosol in stock so I bought every single can!

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