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Coffee Cup Cake – It’s the Bomb!

July 3, 2012

I just love finding recipe’s on Pinterest that make my life easier, save time, and Money. 

If I were to make a cake for just Bear and I, half or more would be wasted. 

When I ran across this Pin I about leapt out of my chair for joy! 

 Now you know me, I just had to throw a couple of twists to the recipe.  Here is how my Coffee Cup Cake turned out!

First step, you need two boxes of Cake Mix and one MUST be Angel Food Cake Mix and the other can be any flavor you would like. I chose my very favorite Yellow butter cake that also has the pudding in the mix and I do believe that it made it very moist.

Second Step, pour both mixes into a gallon size freezer bag and shake to mix.

Third Step, Put three Tablespoons of the Cake Mix in a large coffee cup with two Tablespoons of water, mix well with a fork.

Fourth Step, Put coffee cup in microwave for 1 minute ( could be a little longer depending on microwave) mine was 1 minute exactly. When done, this is what your Coffee Cup Cake will look like.

Now for the fun stuff, you can top this with whatever you would like – possibilities are only limited to your imagination. I happened to have some Caramel sauce and Reddi-Whip Cream Topping – so that is what I used.

Once done, sit back and Enjoy because it is DELICIOUS and just the right amount!


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