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2012, so long…….Hello 2013 – please be good to me!

December 31, 2012


I have never been so happy to see a year leave than the last two (2011,2012).

The losses my family has suffered in the last two years are testing our faith which is just as strong if not stronger than before.

In 2011, we watched our Mom, Linda Polsgrove, battle an illness that would make most warriors weep.  It is a terrible disease called Aplastic Anemia and the name does not do it justice at all.  I blame modern medicine and mega doses of steroids that caused this to happen to my Mom.  It was totally environmental.

I still remember the hospital room the day the Doctor told us there was nothing more that they could do for our Mom, she was dying.  I remember the look on my Mom’s sweet face.  I remember having to step out of the room and tell my Brother because he was on my Cell’s speaker phone and the pain in his voice.  Just broke my heart to hear his voice and the pain. Mom wanted to go home and not remain in the hospital anylonger.  On November 15th, we brought Mom home for a Christmas celebration (her favorite holiday).  My Brother, Familiy, and friends spent Monday the 14th getting everything ready.  I spend the day with Mom in the hospital telling her what was going on and that we were arranging her transport home. 

November 15th, Mom was set to go home, she was alert and could communicate in the hospital but shortly after they moved her to the gurney for transport, she slipped into a coma.  My brother and I stayed up all night with Mom, making sure she received her medications to keep her comfortable.  We talked to here (I know she heard us) and reminisced about growing up and some of the stunts we pulled. 

November 16th, Wednesday, 2011, Mom became a beautiful angel with family and friends around her and Gary and I by her side.  My Mom’s angel had come to take her home.  The rest of the week was a blur.  On November 18th, we buried our Mom. 

When we moved back to Oklahoma in December 2010, this is not what I had envisioned doing.  My brother was hardest hit by Mom’s passing, he was so close to Mom and it is still hard for us both. 

I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to spend the last year of Mom’s life with her.  I am thankful that I got to carry on the tradition of taking Mom to a broadway show.  We went to see Cats, she had taken my Grandma years earlier when the show had first come to Tulsa.  I have that memory and going shopping for my work clothes for a business trip I was going to take. Now I look forward to taking my Grandaughter Autumn to a Broadway show.

I was hoping as we moved into 2012 that this would be a better year – boy, was I so wrong.

Most of 2011 and into 2012 my Daddy was battling several life threatening illnesses/diseases – at one time both my parents were in hospitals across town from each other.  I would go see one and the go across town to see the other.

In the months of April and June, I had to make hard decisions to put down two of our canine family members due to age.

Maestro left us in April and Niki left us in July, I’m sure they are running free and having fun with Wyatt.  I thank God for each and every day that he gives me with his special creatures.

In September, Bear and I bought my new K9 Partner Copper (That story will be told in 2013) and I worked out a deal with the breeder (a very good friend) for a 2nd dog for Daddy.  He has wanted one for such a long time and I thought it would help him.  I surprised him the day I took him to “see something” which were the puppies.  He was so suprised and the look on his face when they placed Boomer in his arms for the first time……..priceless.  Who knew 3 short weeks later, Daddy would be gone.  Just Gone.  I had seen him the night before and joked around with him about Boomer.  I told him I loved him and would see him later, never ever knowing that that would be the last time I saw my Daddy alive. 

My Daddy, Gary James, became an Angel on October 9th, 2012.  I remember getting the call and driving to the hospital and just as I turned the corner, a song that I loved because it reminded me of Daddy came on the radio, Daddy’s Hands.  I think it was Daddy’s way of preparing me for what my brother told me outside of the emergency room.  A piece of me died right there, a hole in my heart as big as Dallas, I felt like my heart had been ripped completely out of my chest. 

We buried Daddy on October 12, 2012.  He is laid to rest at Hogan Cemetary and I visit him about every three to four days.  I take him a rose.  There is so much I still had to say to my Daddy, so much I wanted to learn from him, so much I needed to hear from him.  I miss his greeting me with “Hi Too Tall”, miss his voice. 

So for the past two Christmas’ have been bittersweet as we lost our Mom in 2011 and Daddy in 2012 right before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I thank God everyday for the past 2 years that I did get with Daddy before he became my Guardian Angel.

I thank God for blessing me with two “bonus parents”, my Mom, Pat James, and my Dad, John Polsgrove.  They were both so good to my parents and I owe them a debt of gratitude for taking care of them.  I made promises to both my parents and those promises will be fulfilled.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some wonderful times this past year.  My Granddaughter came down and stayed for a month with us in June.  Our horses and dogs give us enjoyment each and every day.

I don’t know what is in store for us in 2013, I only hope that it is not full of tragedy, but full of Families getting back to being Families and getting together more.  I wish only blue birds of happiness to everyone in 2013.

See ya Next Year!





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