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Copper and Boomer – A Special Bond

January 4, 2013

Phone 368

September 17, 2012, I was so excited!  Today was the day I was revealing a secret that I had held for over a week! I took my Mom and Daddy on a little ride (actually Daddy drove) but they had no clue where we were headed.  You see, my Daddy has wanted a bloodhound puppy for quite a long time.  What that retired Policeman did not know was that we were headed to pick out his new Bloodhound Puppy.  I finally pulled one over on him!

I had already picked out my puppy Copper and my friend (the breeder, we went to school together) who knew my Daddy and Mom made me a deal so that I could get Daddy one too!  He had no idea what was in store for him and my Mom didn’t either!

We arrived at the place and as we rounded the corner, we were greeted by the Bawls of not only Belle and Duke but their litter of little bouncing bloodhounds!  The look on my Daddy’s face was priceless, I will remember that for the rest of my life.  It took him all of 2 seconds to select his puppy.  His puppy hung back a bit, and just looked at you with his green eyes and you just melted. Boomer is a very deep red with a red nose and the green eyes – Boomer takes after his Momma Belle.  Where Copper on the other hand takes after his Daddy Duke.  Copper is a lighter shade of red with deep brown eyes and a little black on his face.  Daddy had made his choice and I could not have been happier.  Angie picked him up and put him in Daddy’s arms and that puppy nestled himself in those big bear arms and just hung out.  We had to wait one week before we could pick them up which didn’t set to well with Daddy but I told him he was gonna need to “puppy” proof the house.


The next day, Daddy was all over town showing off a picture of his new puppy!  He was so proud of that puppy.  Every place I went, Daddy had already been there and showed off his puppy!  I understood my Daddy a bit more, it was sure better to GIVE than to receive!


One week later, and two phone calls from my parents asking where I was (he was very impatient to say the least).  We arrived to puppy’s that had been bathed and ready for their new homes.  When we got in the car, Copper, my pup, CRIED, WHINED, and BAWLED all the way to my Parents house.  Of course, my Daddy’s dog BOOMER never uttered a word.  He slid over on Daddy’s knee and went to sleep!


Oh the fun they had running around at my Parents exploring the grounds and falling over each other!  Phone 386After they had exhausted themselves running, I decided it was time to take Copper home (I was exhausted).  Copper, true to his breed, promptly plopped down on the passenger seat and fell asleep.  I could not wait for Bear to get home from work to see our new family member.  I woke him up from the truck ride and let him go to the bathroom, gave him a drink, gave him a little food and then pulled him on my lap and told him that he had some very big paws to fill.  You see, Copper is my new K9 partner to pick up where Wyatt left off when he passed away in December, 2009.  I told him stories of Wyatt and the searches we had been on, all the while this little bundle was asleep on my lap, head on my chest.  Phone 420I stroked those long silky ears, kneaded all that extra skin, and just relished this puppy.

I would take Copper over to my parents to play with brother Boomer.  Those two were so funny together and absolutely loved each other and were constantly having to touch each other even when napping.  Wherever one was, the other was sure to follow.

Phone 479

Boomer brought some light back into my Daddy’s eyes.  Daddy had been sick and battling illness and was starting to get better when Boomer came into their lives.  He loved sitting on the chair with Daddy and Daddy started a bad habit by letting him sleep in bed with them.


And then tragedy hit………….

On October 9th, 2012 at about 11:30 am, my Daddy, became an angel. It happened so fast that the rest of that week and the week after were a blur.  I’m still struggling to this day with his passing, I miss him so much.  A few days after Daddy’s funeral, I was over at my Mom’s and had brought Copper to play with Boomer.  I needed to head home, I loaded Copper up in my truck and Boomer was bawling, wailing, crying and wanting in the truck.  he had to be physically restrained as he wanted to chase after the truck and just cried.  My Mom, at that time made a decision to let Boomer come stay with us so he could be with Copper.

Phone 509


Boomer and Copper have slept together ever since.  At first they started out in the same crate but that only lasted about 2 weeks and then they graduated to their own “rooms” side by side with each other.  These two boys remind me of the two dogs in Where the Red Fern Grows.  Bear and I love to watch them play!  They are the biggest clowns.


Now, Boomer is also in training for Search and Rescue/Recovery with Copper and those two are so smart but can be STUBBORN!  Most don’t realize that Bloodhounds are not typical of the dogs they see on TV.  Bloodhounds have endless energy and their nose is their “eyes” and will get them in trouble more often than not.

February, we will begin the training of these two boys for Search and Rescue/Recovery.  We will be focusing on Trails first and then HRD (human remains detection).  I will keep everyone updated on our progress.  I am hitting the gym to hopefully be in better shape to keep up with these two when we start training them.

I sure do love these two boys, they have brought some joy into my life and I needed that in dealing with my Daddy’s passing.  They have kept me going……..Animals tend to have that ability in the event of a tragedy.


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