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Happy New Year – 2014!!!

January 1, 2014


I’m not looking back and staring at 2013.  It is almost 24 hours since the old year, wrapped up, never to be seen again, and I am glad. 

2013, Thank you for all of the lessons………2014, I am Ready!

2014 MEME

2014 MEME

For the last 3 months, I’ve been very sick but trying to convince myself I wasn’t.  It started out innocent enough, right around the 1st of November, with a small respitory virus that turned into walking pneumonia which triggered my asthma. Walking across the house would wear me out.  I was using my inhaler and nebulizer but it was just not breaking the cycle.  Right about a week after Thanksgiving, I started to feel better, not good but breathing better.  Unfortunately, this was short lived.  Bear (DH) brought home the Flu virus! 

Yep, you guessed it, I got the flu with a vengeance and it triggered my asthma.  All I could do was go from the bed, to the recliner to my office (I work from home), back to recliner, back to bed, back to my office.  I was sick and not wanting to go to the Doctor for fear that they would want me to take steroids.  If anyone knows me, I hate steroids with a passion.  I’m convinced that this is what caused my Momma’s bone marrow to shut down and eventually kill her. My Momma passed in November, 2011 and you can read about it hereMy Momma spent so much time in the hospital, she would catch a virus like I did and that would trigger her asthma and they would put her in the hospital and dump loads of IV steroids into her and eventually her bone marrow just stopped.  So, needless to say, I was scared, truly scared that the viscious virus/asthma cycle was starting with me and I was bound and determined to not get steroids.

Well, guess what?  Thursday last, I broke down and went in to the Doctor.  We discussed in depth my fear and after a lengthy discussion, I decided to get a steroid shot and take 9 days of oral steroids.  In addition, she changed my inhaler.  I go back to see her on the 6th.  I will tell you this, when I got the steroid shot on Thursday afternoon, I was not expecting what happened about 6 hours later.  I. COULD. BREATHE. I still wheezed but it was slowly going and I was able to finally take a deep breath of air and let it out without singing and wheezing.  Now, I still don’t like steroids but believe that when needed, they do help.  I am still taking my homeopathic Honey/Ginger/Lemon/Vodka mixture that is the bomb!  It nipped Bear’s virus in half and got rid of his cough in nothing flat.

I digressed……I’m not looking back on 2013 anymore.

So far, 2014 has started off Grrrreatttt! (Stole that from Tony the Tiger)!

We got up first thing this morning and collected up 5, 14 week old, puppies that were in poor shape.  We were to be their first leg of a trip to their new life.  It’s a loooong story but to make it short, a neighbor’s dog had puppies and things are tough.  I started feeding them over the fence trying to get them used to me.  They were so skinny and very timid.  It is amazing what a little patience, love and most of all food will do to a timid puppy.  Over a period of a week, I was able to get them to come up to me through the fence when I called, and they got some much needed nourishment.  It was the best I could do while a friend of mine in St. Louis worked her magic finding a foster Momma.  Once we got the logistics confirmed, I was able to approach our neighbor with an offer to take the puppies and a volunteer up at the rescue offered to pay for her dog to be spayed and vaccinated.  God is good!  She was so relieved when I spoke to her about it and like my Daddy said, “it is so much better to give, than to receive”!  I gave the puppies their first round of shots, the least I could do considering what the Foster Momma and rescue org would be committing to these 5 puppies.

Here are the 5 babies getting ready to head out to meet the volunteer who just so happened to be down for the holidays in OK and he volunteered to meet us and transport the puppies to their new Foster Momma.  So tiny and afraid but still trusting.


We met Curtis in Claremore at the QT and made the exchange.  They were instantly put at ease with Curtis and his soothing voice.  I loved them all and was so happy that this new year was also their new beginning to Furever homes.  It was a good morning.

Please, don’t think that there is nothing you can do, there is always something you can do, money donation, time donation, or supply donation – please please please support your local Rescue.  These are the ones who struggle to make sure no dog/puppy/Cat/Kitten is without!

After making the exchange of Puppies, we ran to Atwoods and I was able to pick up a belt (another story but the short story is, I’m losing weight and some of my jeans will not stay up and I’m afraid it will get embarassing!), a new small bottle of propane for dinner tonight, a new water bowl for the Princess, new reins for two headstalls, a long line to work my Bloodhounds and some treats for my chickies (they deserve it except that mean ole Ro Jo!).

Once we were done at Atwoods (btw, I prefer Orschlens or Tractor Supply) we ate a small lunch and then headed to Lowes.  We needed to pick up some Aluminum roof paint for our Lodge Trailer (it leaks), some Gorilla Glue (that stuff works), a trash can (I won’t even tell you what our old one looked like-its embarassing), and I found a little rug for the Princess for her food and water bowl.  It is so cute, has the words Chow Time across the middle and then has pictures of toys (balls, ropes and such) all over it. 

We then proceeded to Wally World so that I could get my printer ink for my Camera printer.  I had some money left on my gift card from my company.  I also bought my two thumb drives to pull old info off my computer and store on these drives.  It helps to save space.

We then proceeded to go home, I needed to take my medicine and when I get hot, I start to cough and it just wears me out.  Once home, I jumped online for a bit of social therapy and found this really cool FB page called Junky, Funky, Rusty, and Repurposed by Sue (Hi Sue!) She was having a contest for the New Year.  I entered the contest by completing the tasks –  Like the post, comment on three previous posts (which I found some inspiration!) and then leave a comment on the original post that I had completed the tasks.

Fast forward a few hours – I happened to check my FB page in between chores and guess what……..no it’s not Hump Day, well technically it is, but no, it is Nancy Won the FB contest!!!!  Yes I did! YES I DID! I WON!  $25.00 pay pal cash! It was so cool, I messaged Sue like requested, and she asked which I prefered the $25.00 Amazon gift card or $25.00 Pay Pal Cash.  I chose Pay Pal Cash.  Once reason for that is that you get cash back on your purchases so I’ll get a little bit more bang for my buck!

Junky, Funky, Rusty, and Repurposed by Sue and several FB pages are sponsoring a huge Giveaway that will have 4 winners!  Go check out the Giveaway here – and please let her know Nancy over at Raging Bear Ranch sent you!

We are now towards the end of the 1st day of the new year.  Dinner tonight was Steak with my Daddy’s Seasoning Rub( I’m calling it Big Gary’s Steak Seasoning and will be offering it for sale at craft shows), Black-eyed peas with snap greens, and loaded mash potatoes.  In addition, I made an awesome dessert.  I took two ingredient recipe of a spice cake mix and an 18.5 oz can of pumpkin pie but I only had the 15 oz can……so I cheated and added a 1/2 cup of applesauce.  I mixed it well, poured it into a greased 9×13 cake pan and baked it for 45 minutes.  Oh my gosh! Over the top!  I served it warm with a little melted butter on top and Molasses drizzled over the pieces of cake.  Next time, I’m going to make muffins with it and put a pecan crumble topping on top. 

Now the Kitchen is cleaned, the house is starting to be Decluttered, my heart, body and soul is starting to be Detoxified and Today was a great day in this new chapter of our life.  We have focus and will achieve our goals this year.  Stay tuned and go on the Journey with us!  Would love hearing from you!

It’s the Year of the HORSE!



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