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Boys and Girls of the Ranch

June 23, 2014

Spring/summer time at the Ranch is a magical time.  The rain we have been getting is making everything grow and green up quickly.  When we arrived one morning at the ranch, the boys had not seen us yet.

Boys in Pasture

Once they heard the truck pull in, the race was on!

Boys racing

That’s Luke in the Lead, followed by Zeke and Cody (the twinkies – where one is the others will follow) JT (Bear’s baby) and Bear’s best friend – Ole reliable Pete.  What you don’t see is the King of the Pasture Banks.  He used to be a racehorse and now leads a life of luxury, he never gets in a hurry because he knows that he will be fed first so why run?…..


You see him? The handsome black beauty casually walking? Yep, that’s him, known on the track as World Bank but here on the ranch  he is known as Bank Man, Bankster, Bankie, Big Boy.  Bear bought him for me for $1.00 at the track in IL.  I have his bill of sale on the back of a racing form and his last race he won, they gave me his winning picture.  He is a special horse.  My Black Beauty.

Once fed, they hang around with us while we do chores and I can get close-ups of some of them.

IMG_1066This is a better picture of the King of the Pasture.

IMG_1280JT trying to beg for one more piece of bread – they love their bread!


I believe this is one of the best pictures of Pete we have.  He has been old reliable.  He has some quirks, he’s union and when it’s break time or quitting time he stops, he’s Union.  He is James’ best bud and they share a unique relationship.  I love this old boy. He is second in command to Banks and those two at times will share the same hay pile. You can call him anything, just don’t call him late for supper.  The people that originally had him bought him from a lady who had practically starved him to death.  They got him and started feeding him and beefed him up.  We bought him for James and it was the best money we have spent.

LukeLuke is my Big Boy, he is so sweet but shy to new people.  He has been abused in the past and when he gets scared he knows how big he is but as long as you are patient with him he will come around and is okay.  He is fun to ride and my friend Kristine calls him Jackhammer because when he trots he can feel like a Jackhammer cause he is a bit on the L A Z Y side.  When he collects up, his trot is smooth but when he gets lazy it can feel like a Jackhammer.  He is second tallest at 16.1 hands, Banks is the tallest at 17.2, however, he is the biggest in weight.

Cody and Zeke Here we have the two “Twinkies” Zeke and Cody. Zeke aka Zekie, Zeker, Zeker Sneaker is our resident babysitter, Roy Rogers of the horse world. If we need to put him with another horse for companionship, he babysits them. He raised both Cody and JT when they were weanlings. He is a good solid boy. Although, he does not like the girls at all – especially Cookie for some reason.  The girls are not allowed around these two kids. Cody is a bit on the shy side and will not tolerate anyone but James or I to handle him. Cody is very curious but on his own terms. He loves treats and will follow you everywhere and try to slip in and nuzzle you for treats. We just love Cody aka Toady, Toaders.

These are the “boys” of the ranch.  The girls call them Stinky boys.

Now the girls of the ranch, there are only two.


This here is the Arena Diva, Kit aka Kit caboodle, kitrooni or other unmentionables when she is being a Diva.  She knows she is the Queen of the ranch and everyone is there to do her bidding.  Namely, get her hay, clean her stall, feed her, and bake her treats that she likes.  She is my girl and I love her dearly.  She made some of my dreams come true running barrels.  Bear, Kit and I have logged quite a few miles.  She was a demo horse in the Pat Parelli seminar in Lake St. Louis.  Everyone thought she looked like Rain from the movie Spirit:Stallion of the Cimmaron.  She is my super star.


Last but certainly not least, our Mini Cookie aka Cookie Monster.  She is Kit’s best friend.  We were at an auction in IL and we had NO intention of purchasing anything – I will repeat NO intention of purchasing anything.  Then a little girl too big for her rode her in and I could see that she had a crooked back leg.  She is 24 now and 18 when we purchased her.  The person bidding, I knew was going to use her for a riding pony at her barn, so the bidding started.  I looked at Bear and he said if you want her, get her.  All I needed to hear.  Last thing I remember is the Auctioneer saying sold and pointing at me.  Oh my! She has been a blessing to our herd and a faithful friend to Kit.


That is our herd.  They all have unique and very different personalities but we love them all.





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