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Chicken Account – do you have one?

June 29, 2014

I posted sometime back about our petty cash fund aka The Chicken Account. 

Chicken Account (Petty Cash Fund)

Chicken Account (Petty Cash Fund)

This Chicken has really helped us to save money.  How you ask?  Rather than running to the ATM every time we need extra cash we get it from our Chicken.  A couple of dollars here and a couple of dollars there after a month adds up fast!  Every few days, Bear will add to the Chicken and once a week I add all my extra coins 1’s and 5’s.

Chicken Account


The Chicken will start to fill up very fast with all the coins we add.  Eventually the jar gets too full that the lid won’t fit.  When this happens, we bag up the change and take it to a coinstar (they charge the same fee as our bank) and cash it in.

This is from our last cash in….

Cash in time!


Our total, after the fee, was $158.00.  Our previous cash in was by far the biggest at $173.00!  So, what do we do with this cash?  If there is something that we are wanting (not need but want) or need for that matter, we use this cash.  We got my pressure cooker and canner with some of the money we cashed in.  We purchased fishing lures and supplies.  We also use it for medical expenses for our animals, wormers, heartworm meds, horse/dog vaccines.  We also set this money aside in our emergency fund if we need to replenish it.

It’s hard at first but the more you commit to adding to your “Petty Cash Fund” the faster you will see it fill up.  We have fun seeing how much change in a week we can add to the jar.

How do you save your change?   Do you keep a “Petty Cash Fund” and if so, what do you use and how much have you saved?




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