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Dogs of the Ranch

June 24, 2014

Our barn seems to have a homing beacon for all the homeless dogs (dumped, strayed) and most of all pregnant dogs.  It seems we are on the underground railroad for homeless pregnant moms who need a safe place to have their puppies.  I have two know that once the pups are weaned will be getting fixed.  They were scheduled to go into get fixed when they went into heat and I was not able to keep the male dogs from finding ways onto our property.  We have alot of people around us who do not believe in keeping their male dogs from roaming.  We don’t say anything as we do not want anything to happen to our dogs/horses/chickens.  Here are the dogs of the ranch.

First up is Mamacita.  She lived here when we moved here.  She was so fearful of us you could not get within 50 yards of her.  I would leave a small bowl of food out for her and eventually (5 months) she overcame her fear and now she is everyone’s friend.  She has had a hard life.  It is evident in her teeth and when I first petted her, her coat.  I couldn’t fix her teeth but I was able to fix her health by some good groceries.  I was told that she had at least 4 litters of puppies before we moved in and no one knows what happened to the puppies.  Unbeknownst to us, she was pregnant when she finally made friends with us.  She had 8 puppies.  We found homes for all but one, Annie. She is a wonderful old girl who loves to be petted.  She is making up for lost time I think.

Mamacita Mamacita face Mamacita lying down


Next is Miss Annie. She is the ALPHA female of the group and will be getting fixed soon.  She is a girl on patrol all the time – just ask the raccoon and the skunk……they don’t come around anymore, neither do cats.  She is sweet as she can be but she has a very serious side when it comes to outsiders intruding on “her” property.

Annie at Barn Overseer Annie Annie taking a break Annie on her "Throne"

Next is Birdie – she is a little tank and is very mild mannered and gets bullied by Annie a bit.  She is Annie’s daughter and Mamacita’s granddaughter and will be getting fixed soon. She has the steely eyed stare that Annie has. I found homes for all her pups but Birdie and Bandit.  Birdie loves to be on top of the round bales. When she greets us she is grinning – I love it!  She loves water and treats especially bread!

Birdie lying in the sun Birdie  face Birdie in the sun Birdie asleep on hay Birdie asleep close-up on roundbale Birdie laying on the round bale


Next is Birdie’s Brother Bandit.  Bet you can’t guess why he got the name Bandit!  He was born completely white and started to freckle and there is no denying who their Daddy was – A blue heeler.  He is the most Timid and does not like changes.  He has been fixed.  He has the same stare as his sister. He will also grin when greeting us.  He is a cuddle muffin and loves to have his belly rubbed.  If you are walking towards him, he can’t roll over fast enough!

Bandit Bandit laying. Bandit getting ready to flip over Bandit looking up from his favorite position Bandit favorite position to get his belly rubbed. Bandit sweet boy face

Next are the two blood brothers, aka bloodhounds, aka Boomer and Copper.  Oh, are they clowns!  There is never a dull moment with these two boys.  A future post on what they will be doing will be coming soon.  But for now, here is Copper, the braver of the two and the calmer of the two boys.  I love this big man! He is such a sweet boy.

Copper - Big Boy

Boomer is a special boy.  You see, he is my Daddy’s dog.  You can read the story here – Copper and Boomer.  Boomer has green eyes and a red nose totally opposite of his brother Copper.  He is definitely the most vocal and when you meet him he wants to nibble your chin. I love this big boy.  



Last but certainly not least is the one and only BUGSY.  I believe that my Daddy and Momma heaven sent her.  I had popped the hood on my truck and left my door open while I put some power steering fluid in and when I shut the hood and went around to get in, there she was, sitting on my center console like let’s go.  So I took her up to the vet to ask if they recognized her and then put her on a local facebook page and got no response.  When Bear came home he fell in love with the little girl and she has been here ever since.  She stays under my chair while I work and in my lap when watching TV.  She loves to play with her Goosie and her Foxie and knows how to speak, whisper, growl, spin right, spin left, sit, down, wait and stay.

Bugsy with Christmas Sweater



Sleepy Girl Bugsy


So now you have met the dogs of  Raging Bear Ranch.  We love all of our dogs and their different personalities.  Each one has stamped a place in our hearts.


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