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Zeke, the quiet one

May 25, 2015

I don’t really blog about Zeke.  When I think of Zeke these are the words that come to mind:

Quiet, Patient, Easy-going, loveable, rock-steady, precious,  beautiful.

He is just Zeke….I can’t explain it but he is such a good guy.

We call him our rainbow child because it seems he changes colors like a chameleon does.  He can go from a light carmel color to a deep liver color overnight it seems.  The only thing he does not have is a mane, it is not as thick as all of our other horses and I do not know why.  I’ve tried everything I know to thicken it up but nothing works.  That’s just Zeke.

Zeke getting a Manicure Zeke's halter pose while shoeing Zeke Posing

Zeke was our first horse that Bear and I bought.  I found him on the internet, and I had been saving our coins and I paid for him from our Chicken account!

Cash in time!

I love Zeke for who he is, a patient, loving horse that just wants to belong. His very best friend is Pete, but if Cody and JT could talk, he would be their Best Bud.  He raised Cody and JT and to this day, they can share his food bowl (after the initial first few bites) and hay.


Cody IMG_0860I’m sure soon we will have more pics and posts of this precious, loving, patient boy.  Love my Carmal/mocha/machiatto boy!



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