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Happenings at the Ranch – October 9, 2015

October 10, 2015

Happenings at the Ranch, where do I start? It’s been awhile and I’m hoping to get back into what I love to do and that is blog.

Today, 3 years ago today, I was knocked to my knees….ever had the wind knocked out of you? Feel like the world is spinning so fast around you and you can do nothing about it?  October 9th, 2015 at 11:15, my Daddy, my hero, my John Wayne, died.  I can honestly say, after three years, it still hurts, and to this day will suck the breath right out of me.  I miss my Daddy so much it hurts…there have been plenty of times I’ve picked up the phone to call him, only to realize he would not answer his phone.


Today, I sold Hellanore.  Yes, I know, it was very emotional as this truck has sentimental value back to my Daddy.  But, I truly believe I made the right choice. Hellanore’s engine, big 454, was not holding oil pressure at all.  Cold she would run and hold the pressure but the warmer she would get, the less pressure the oil pump could hold.  There were other items that were needing to be fixed on her, all of this added up to a lot of Benji’s, Benji’s we do not have! I didn’t want to be that person that parks a vehicle with the good intentions of “fixing her up someday” and never get to do it.  She has been too good of a truck to just sit parked.  I sold her to my mechanic, he has some plans to make her into a race car tow truck and I can’t wait to see her in her glory once again.  I did make the agreement when I sold her that after fixing her up, if he decided to sell her, I get first right of refusal.

Pullin' her weight.

Pullin’ her weight.

I’m sure that Daddy will approve of her replacement.  Her name is Nelly and she is awesome! She is also 4wd and if you know OK, ya need a 4WD in OK! Nelly


I’ve been rearranging and selling things we do not need and are taking up space, I’m learning that more space means more peace of mind because there is less stuff to deal with!

Earlier last month, we were robbed.  It was someone we knew but it still was a robbery.  I can’t prove who it was but I still know and that is what hurts the worst.  Anyway, I’m sure you have read about my Chicken Account (petty cash account) that we keep our change and small bills in for quick trips to the store. No? Well you can read about it HERE or HERE. If you do not have one or something like it, I highly recommend starting one.  It is amazing how quickly it will add up.  We also use it to save up for larger purchases like – Tires for our vehicles, Oil changes for our trucks, a new Freezer, or emergencies such as vet bills, minor medical emergencies, you get the idea.   We had close to $200.00 or more in the jar.  It amazes me what people can do to people they know.  Anyway, the money we were saving was to be used for a small overnight vacation that was long overdue for Bear and I.  A friend in my Drag Boat Racing Family surprised us with a fed-ex envelope containing the $200.00 that was stolen.  We were able to still enjoy our time off because of the generosity of my friend.  I promised to pay it forward and will do so first chance I get.

We are still having dogs dumped at our barn.  The last one was so pitiful.  Took me two weeks to just gain her trust. A small, scared, abused little red terrier.  I named her Ginger.  At one time, the collar around her neck actually fit, but she had lost so much weight it just hung on her neck.  It was food that won over her fear and once she realized I was not going to hurt her, she was the sweetest little girl.  I called the rescue that has helped take the dogs and puppies that are dumped out here and she said if I could catch her to bring her in.  Well, I was able to gain her trust to pick her up, I put her in Nelly and we headed to Pryor Animal League (PAL) to begin her new journey to a safe loving home.  She rode in the truck like an old pro, I told her that the next stop would be her next to last and she was now safe.  To my sheer delight, she was adopted into a family with three boys and she was as much in love with them as they were with her!

This was her the day I was able to pick her up and take her to the rescue:


This is her five days later with her “Boys” – look at her smile!




So, that is all for tonight, tomorrow, we are going to the Fair to watch the Draft Horse Pulls and do the Fair things!  I want to try a couple of the new Fair Foods and

check out some animals!  I still have to tell ya about the Mayes County Fair and some funny pics I got of the pigs, Hauling hay – never a dull moment, and all the other fun things happening at the Ranch!







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