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Keeping the Heirloom Seeds alive through the Cherokee Nation

March 31, 2016

My Bear is Cherokee.  Because he is Cherokee and has his CIBC card (Indian blood card), he is entitled to participate in the Cherokee Nation Seed Bank.

Each year, the Cherokee Nation offers to its citizens the opportunity to get two packages of heirloom seeds that are part of the Cherokee history.



Last year we received Native Tobacco, and White Eagle Corn which we will be planting this year along with some of the seeds we received this year.  We chose more of the White Eagle Corn and Brown Turkey Gizzard Beans.

Here is a picture of the White Eagle Corn.


Here is a picture of the Brown Turkey Gizzard Bean.

Brown Turkey Gizzard Bean

I’m excited to get these seeds sprouted and reap the benefits of heirloom vegetables.

If you are Cherokee with a CIBC card, you should check into the opportunity to get these seeds.  They are a part of your history. To check it out, click on this link Cherokee Nation Seed Bank .

Happy Gardening!



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