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Job hunting IS your JOB

April 1, 2016

If you do not make Job hunting your Job, you will not reap the benefits.

I’ve been steadily applying everyday since the day I was advised I was no longer needed at my job and was laid off. I posted about it here. I can tell you it was a gut wrenching day full of emotion – hurt, anger, despair, “oh woe is me”, but then I heard my Daddy’s voice in my ear – “Cowgirls don’t cry Too Tall, Ride baby Ride – Pull on your Cowgirl boots and get to work!”. And that is what I did.

I worked with the management team my former employer paid for 6 months service, dived into it head first, all the while applying for jobs (no less than 5 a day) attending the webinars and working on my “Wow Factor” resume. You have to stay positive, and trust that Jesus has the reins and will guide you.

I had a phone interview last Wednesday for a job that I really want, it seems to be a very good fit and I have a good feeling about it.  I received an e-mail from them yesterday asking me to fill out an application they had attached, take a profile assessment and Excel assessment test and select a time that would be good for a team interview with them on April 6th.  I tell you I was on cloud nine racing back to my computer to get started on the assessments.  Excel was easy, it’s my go to spreadsheet and I love working in it.  The profile assessment was something else.  I did not know there were four ways to write the same question…Yikes, I had to really pay attention! Got it done, and then filled out the 9 page application.

I’m determined to get this position, I want it, I’m visualizing that it is already mine. I just have a good feeling about this position. It will be a downer if I’m passed over but hey, I beat out 110 other applicants to get this far, I’ll just pull up my boots straps and put my sights on another target – Jesus has my reins!

While you are working on your professional side, I was also informed I had to work on my personal side as well. Being a remote employee for the last 5 years has spoiled me a bit. I don’t have to do my hair/make-up to go to work, it’s ten feet from my bed! So, I started that day. I’ve lost 10 lbs with my Thrive, I’m now at the last notch on my 2nd belt. I’m determined to be even slimmer by April 6th for my interview.

Now for more personal steps, I got a new pair of glasses, getting my hair cut and colored, and I have my interview outfit already picked out. I’m determined to get this position. So determined, I even ordered my new fancy lunch box from Amazon and it is being delivered today. Yes, that is silverware – REAL flatware, Salt and Pepper shakers, and, and a CLOTH napkin! I will be stylin’ and profilin’!  I think Bear just might be a little jealous of this one.  He took over my other when I became home based and I was told that absolutely under no circumstances was I getting it back. No problem, I got this thing of beauty!


It’s like I’m a school kid getting ready for the first day of school. At least that is how it feels to me.

Daddy, your Cowgirl’s Riding High!


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