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Mamacita received her angel wings

April 3, 2016

This will be one hard post.  I can’t keep from crying as I post it.

Mamacita received her angel wings.  She had started slowing down, she was getting on in age, but oh how she loved life.  As animal lovers, these are the times we do not look forward too, when quality diminishes and quantity is all you are getting.  It isn’t fair for them to suffer so we have a little more time with them.  This is what happened last week with Mamacita.  She normally meets me at the truck but all she was doing was lying on the ground trying so hard to get up and wagging her tail.  She was so weak and fragile.  Her time was nearing.  I sat down and pulled her close and stroked her head telling her that she would be crossing the rainbow bridge soon and that she would no longer be in pain.  I grabbed a blanket out of my truck and slowly and carefully got her wrapped in it and carried her to my truck.  I drove to the vet, all the while holding her paw and telling her what an awesome place heaven was and she might just be able to catch one of the rabbits she ran so hard to catch.  I told her she would be meeting the crew up there and that they would be waiting to show her around and I would see her one day soon.

I made it to the vet, asked if Dr. J could be the vet to do this and that could we do it in my truck so we wouldn’t have to move her.  I love our vet hospital – Pryor Veterinary Hospital, the staff and especially Dr. J.  He eased Zeke into his Angel wings too.

I keep remembering a Dr. Suess saying – Don’t Cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.  We have some wonderful memories of Mamacita and I am so happy that the Lord gave her the confidence to let me be her friend.

Free Mamacita, Free!



Mamacita face


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