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You need Alligator tough skin and duck feathers for job hunting.

April 12, 2016


No body said it would be easy, no body said it would be this tough either, Job hunting is not for the weak of heart.  You have to have alligator tough skin and duck feathers for job hunting in this day and age.

I remember when I was job hunting 20 (cough cough) years ago, you went into the business, put in an application with your resume.  Now, it is all done on-line and there is a special program used with algorithms to parse out resumes that match a criteria that the employer has put in the software.  Your resume needs to have all the bells and whistles (buzz words) to get past the computer, and it, in my opinion, is ruthless.

What I am learning is that you can’t take it personally.  Remember in the movie Roadhouse, when Dalton said, it’s not personal, well it’s not personal in job hunting either.  But, that first rejection e-mail / letter can sure take the confidence right out of you and just make your whole day dismal to say the least.  I got that rejection e-mail on a job that I was qualified for but never got the chance, it starts out with a Thank you but we have chosen another candidate.  That is where you have to have alligator tough skin and duck feathers – so the rejection doesn’t penetrate your skin but rolls off of you like water off a duck.

This has been a true journey that I never thought I would be taking. I thought I would retire from the company that I gave 20 years of my work life, not to mention my loyalty.  It was sure a punch in the gut when your told that your job has been eliminated and that is final.  It was very sterile.  It was ironic that I received my severance package on a Friday and my 20 year service award on Monday.  It took me awhile to let it all sink in.  Did I do something wrong? No, I didn’t, I was a casualty of corporate acquisitions/mergers and downsizing.

I’ve started taking some programming classes to beef up my technical skills part of my resume.  I’m confident there is a company that would benefit from an employee like myself.  I just have to work hard to find them. I have to work HARDER than the others that are also looking. If you are Job Hunting, Job Hunting is your job! Remember my Job Hunting post? You have to treat this as your 8 – 5 Job!  If you don’t, you will not see any benefit.

This week alone, I’ve applied for 8 positions.  Positions that I’m qualified for and could be an asset to any of the companies.  I’ve had two very good interviews, in my honest opinion, and I have two more scheduled this week.

I’m not “settling” for any job, I want a job where my contributions are valued and welcomed.  I want to be part of a team.

Remember, don’t take it personal…..put on your Alligator Skin and duck feathers and get out there and find that JOB!

If your job hunting, good luck, if your not and working don’t take for granted it will be there tomorrow…..

Too Tall


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